3 Ways to Stop Waiting for the Right Time

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Waiting for the right time to go after a BIGG goal often leads to inaction. Use these tips to stop waiting and start moving.

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This topic was inspired by a verse in the Bible:

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.
If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.
— Ecclesiastes 11:4 NLT

BIGG goal-getters tend to be perfectionists, so this post can serve as a reminder to all of us on how to keep moving forward towards success

Things that people wait for the right time for include: getting married, starting a business, changing jobs, buying a home, starting a family, going back to school, and achieving a BIGG goal.

What are the main reasons people wait? Financial conditions, family obligations, life happens, inertia, fear, comfort.

When we wait for that perfect opportunity, it may never come. Waiting for perfect conditions will mean inactivity, and that can be costly, and result in experiencing if-only itis.

We don’t want any of that!

Let’s go to The Professor’s Whiteboard for 3 ways to stop waiting for the right time…

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1. Take Action

If you want to find a new job, get your resume put together. If your goal is to lose weight, cut 1 thing out of your diet and do it for 1 week. If you want to start a business, talk to a potential customer.

2. Track your results

Send your resume out to 5 people. How many interviews did you get? On your weight loss goal, have you lost any weight after cutting that 1thing? Regarding your business idea, what did your potential customer say?

3. Double Down or make adjustments

If you only got 1 interview when you sent out 5 resumes, maybe you need to tweak your resume to get better results. If you lost weight by cutting 1 thing from your diet, try adding something else. If your potential customer liked your idea, talk to another potential customer to see what they say as well.

How Mary-Lynn stopped waiting for the right time to leave her job

avatar-mary-lynnAbout 6 months before my contract was to expire, I was exploring my options. I was ready, but I wasn’t quite sure what I should do.  So we put this 3-step process to work.

1 – With the help of The Professor, we decided the best action to take was to do some research on the company I worked for, but also the industry as a whole because at that time revenue was down.

2 – We analyzed the results of our research, which showed that not only were the financials tough for my company, but also for a few of the other big players in the industry…and projections showed a continued downward trend. This would make it harder to get higher pay, and also made it riskier to move as companies in larger markets were laying people off.

3 – The data I saw made me realize that not only was adjustment necessary, but also a career change, as that would come either now by choice, or likely later by being laid off. So I began preparing to start my own business, and did not renew my contract when it expired.

I didn’t want to leave my career, I loved it! But the information gathered made it clear that even though it wasn’t the perfect time to make a change, putting it off would only delay the inevitable.

Don’t wait for perfect conditions to plant or you may never see the harvest. Move forward today, it leads to BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
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