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Which Weekend Should We Get Together?

By Bigg Success Staff

Leading-Edge Application


Have you ever had trouble planning a weekend with family and friends? You e-mail me and I e-mail her and she e-mails him with a date that doesn’t work for him. Now we have to start all over!

Which Weekend is your answer!

It quickly allows you to see which weekend everyone is free.

And it’s FREE!

How it works
When you’re trying to schedule a get-together, go to their site and create a name for your event. They will send a link to your e-mail address. Just e-mail the link to everyone you want to invite. All they’ll have to do is click on the link and choose the dates that work for them. That’s it!

Which Weekend serves only one purpose – to find out when everyone is available. You’ll have to do the planning, but at least you’ll be able to easily know the date for which to plan!

So when you’re trying to find a date for your next event, try Which Weekend

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