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Differentiate Your Offer When You List Your House for Sale

By Bigg Success Staff

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When you’re ready to sell your house, we recommend that you 290 list it with a realtor]. They will prove to be an invaluable resource in moving your home relatively quickly for a reasonable price.

A good realtor helps you in many ways. One of those is making recommendations, based on the market at that time, to make your house and your offer attractive to prospective buyers.

So you’ll want to discuss incentives with your realtor. A good realtor will welcome a seller willing to consider incentives because it shows that you are serious about moving your property.

Here are some common incentives for buyers that you may consider:

  • pay for the buyer’s home warranty coverage for a year
  • prepay the buyer’s homeowner’s association dues for a year
  • offer a credit toward the buyer’s closing costs

Of course, what you offer depends on the value of the home you’re selling. You still want to come out ahead, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

For example, if your situation allows, consider a travel voucher (for a weekend away or longer). Buy this house and you’ll get a vacation for free! Would that get your attention?

Another thing to consider is that your realtor’s compensation is negotiable as well. A lot of sellers try to negotiate down. Among other things, this may unintentionally signal that you’re not serious about moving your house quickly.

Consider doing the opposite – give them a higher rate. Instead of that, you may consider a bonus if the house moves within a certain time frame. Good realtors don’t base which homes they sell on what they get paid. However, they may put forth a little extra early effort, and even spend more money, getting the word out about your listing if there is a reason to do so.

In the end, your professional realtor will weigh the options you’ve discussed and make some recommendations about which incentives will be best. The odds are that they’ll direct you to toward buyer’s incentives, if your listing price allows them.

You’ll have to make the final decision. Balance what you need and want from the sale of your home with how quickly you want it to move to create a price with incentives that is likely to meet your goals.

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