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Lessons about Friendship from Man’s Best Friend

The extraordinarily ordinary Jimmy Stewart, one of our favorites, had a dog named Bo. You may have seen or heard or read the poem he wrote after Bo passed.

Our Bo was a beagle named Gus. That’s him in the picture. Wasn’t he a handsome boy! Gus went to doggie heaven a couple of weeks ago. This blog is in loving memory of him.


We want to look at lessons we can learn from man’s best friend about friendship. What makes a best friend a best friend?

All of these things boil down to loyalty. No matter who else was around, Gus was a momma’s boy. He was loyal to the end. 

Best friends welcome their friends.
Our dogs are always happy to see us and they let us know that. Even without seeing us, Gus knew when we had pulled back into the driveway. He obviously could tell by the sound of the car that we were home. He would “yelp” with excitement.

How do you greet your friends? Do you let them know you’re thrilled to see them?

Best friends spend time together.
Gus would never pass up an opportunity to spend time together. All his mom had to do was start putting on her walking shoes, and he would get excited. Wherever we were, he was. He loved being with us.

Obviously, we can’t spend as much time as we might like with friends and family. Other obligations enter into the picture. But how you spend your time shows what you value. So make sure you carve out time dedicated for your friends and family.

Best friends can sense their friend’s mood
When you’re having a bad day, dogs seem content to sit close by and just be with you. When you’re excited, they share in it with their playful nature.

Get to know your friends so well that you can instantly tell, even without them saying so, whether they’re having a good day or a bad day. Good friends sometimes don’t want to burden us with their problems. If you can sense it, you can reach out to them.

Best friends may growl occasionally, but they don’t bite
Gus would growl when you got close to his food. He was letting you know you were crossing a boundary! Now step over that boundary, and he may have bitten you.

Sometimes, unintentionally, we step over the line with our friends. When a friend does that, don’t bite their head off … just growl a little! They’ll probably get the point!

Our bigg quote today is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said,

“Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave footprints in you heart.”

And sometimes those friends leave paw prints.

Next time we'll share 6 strategies to beat your competition. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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