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Even Solopreneurs Need These Two People Working in Their Business

The 2 people you need for BIGG SuccessThere are two kinds of people that EVERY business needs, even a micro-business.

You may be a coach or a consultant. You need both of these people working for you.

Self-employed sales people – like real estate brokers, insurance brokers, and others – need these two kinds of people if their business is going to be a BIGG success.

Designers, web developers, and other professional service providers have to have one of each in their business.

Even if you’re a solopreneur, you still need these two people.

Couples in business – like us – need them both. And fortunately, we came by it naturally.

Every business needs a Mess Maker and a Mess Mopper. Working together, they form a Mess Master.

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Why do you need a Mess Master alliance?

Because business is messy…at least it is if you’re doing it right.

If you never have a mess, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. You’re playing it too safe. Of course, you can make too much of a mess.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves now. Let’s come back to this after we talk about the two types in more detail.

The Mess Maker

George KruegerI’m sure this will come as no surprise to our regular readers – I’m the Mess Maker at BIGG Success.


Mess Makers dwell in two places at the same time. They simultaneously live above and ahead of the mess.

Mess Makers are BIGG picture thinkers. That’s the above the mess part. They aren’t so focused on details; they’re all about direction.

And they are always ahead of the mess. They don’t worry so much about the present. They focus on the future.

The Mess Mopper

As you might guess, Mess Moppers clean up the mess created by the Mess Makers. While the Mess Makers are living in the future at 30,000 feet, the Mess Moppers are up to their necks in the here and now.

They work out all the details of the Mess Makers. They take the debris and make all the pieces fit together neatly.

Mary-Lynn FosterI resemble those remarks! I’m the Mess Mopper of George’s Mess Making. As we said, we came about this naturally. My thing is details. George is more directional.


Although, we should probably note two things:

1) Most people have some balance between these two types. You’re not just one or the other.

2) But you probably lean one way or the other. Not too many people are outstanding at both.

That’s why it’s so important to find the harmony between the two types. In fact, let’s even go further – look for synergy, the BIGG idea behind BIGG success.

If you’re a Mess Mopper, you need to allow yourself to be pulled above and pushed forward by the Mess Maker.

If you’re the Mess Maker, you need to accept that the Mess Mopper is your constant reality check.

By working together, you can go further faster than you would otherwise.

What can a solopreneur do?

Okay, so we can hear some of you now. You’re a solopreneur. You’re it. You do it all.

How can solopreneurs make this work for them?

We have two suggestions. You may use one or both:

  • Develop a split personality

    We know – it sounds a little odd. But bear with us – you’re not going to have to rush off to a psychologist afterwards.

    What we mean is that you designate specific times for each of the two roles. If you’re naturally a Mess Mopper, set aside time for Mess Making and vice versa.

  • Buddy up

    For example, if you’re a Mess Making coach, find a Mess Mopping coach. Explore ways to work together. You’ll push each other to BIGG success?

Are you a Mess Maker or a Mess Mopper?

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