Dare to Dream – Part 2

Dare Dream Do by Whitney Johnson

We continued our conversation with Whitney Johnson on The BIGG Success Show today. Whitney is a popular Harvard Business Review blogger and author of the wonderful book, Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream.

Last time, we talked about why women in particular deny themselves the right to dare to dream.

Listen to this post! Click a player to hear Whitney talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast (Runtime 5:25)

Listen to the show to discover:

  • why dreamers often get labeled in a negative way
  • why we tend to let critics rain on our dreams parade
  • Whitney’s three-step model for personal advancement and happiness
  • why we dream
  • how her book helps those willing to dare to dream
  • why you don’t have to “marry” your dream

Please check back in with us next time to discover if men or women are more risk averse.

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