4 Values That Lead to Success

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A famous mom says the values you instill in your children are what lead to their success. We talk about that on The BIGG Success Show, brought to you by FinancialFreedomTool.com.

Here’s a summary of our discussion.

Esther Wojcicki is a proud mom. One of her daughters is a businesswoman who was the CEO of YouTube, another is a professor of pediatrics, and another is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. As you can imagine – parents ask her for advice all the time! So she wrote a book. “How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results.”

Esther’s book talks about certain values that lead to success, and we’ll share some of those with you today.

The Value of Serving

Esther taught her daughters about the importance of serving the community, and she did that through action. She found ways to help and make a difference in her community, which showed her daughters what can be achieved when you truly care.

The Value of Volunteering

Esther cites studies that shows teens who volunteer better moods and stay out of trouble. She says there are too many kids these days who are focused only on themselves – what they want to buy, where they want to vacation, etc. Esther encourages parents to volunteer and fight for their communities. She says your actions can help children feel empowered to take on challenges and find a way to contribute.

The Value of Selflessness

Esther says people who think they are the center of the universe are unprepared to take on causes that could make the world a better place. Those who put money and possessions first are often unhappy and unfulfilled, because their goals turn them into narcissists. But those who put others first, are often happy and fulfilled because their goals create a life of meaning and purpose.

The Value of Community

Esther we are happiest, and most beneficial to society, when we are doing things to help others. Where can you help your community? How do you feel called to help? If you don’t know, volunteer for an hour for a local organization, go to a city council meeting, do some research on an issue that affects your neighborhood and help find a solution.

What Are Your Values?

BIGG success, for many people means more money. But it isn’t just about how much money you make, or how many vacations you take, or how many professional accolades you receive. Instead, it’s about the legacy of service that you leave. How are you helping others? How will you inspire others through your actions? How can you do more good? Focus on these things and money often follows. That’s BIGG success!

Here’s to your BIGG success!

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