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It Takes Time to Prepare for the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

By Bigg Success Staff

Peak Performance


The Kentucky Derby is known as “the most exciting two minutes in all of sports”. The thing that we often forget is that those two minutes in the spotlight are the result of countless hours of planning and work.

It started with the breeder who put together the right pair of horses. This match was made with careful reflection of the characteristics of each of the horses.

The trainer made sure the horse would be in peak condition on the day of the race. The horse has had the right combination of conditioning, nutrition, and rest.

The jockey also has to be in top form. He or she has refined the skills of the trade and is in great condition, mentally and physically, for the bigg race.

The owner guided the team. It takes time and money to put the right people with the right horse.

So it takes hour after hour of preparation to be ready for the two minutes we see.

Isn’t that true of any great accomplishment? If you want to perform at peak levels in any bigg race, you have to spend untold amounts of time preparing outside the spotlight.

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(Image by Velo Steve, CC 2.0)