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Get a Grip to Be a Bigg Success

By Bigg Success Staff

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Race car drivers know that their tires need to get a good grip on the track. We also need a good grip – a grip on what’s most important. Then focus on that one thing.

One task at a time
Keep one task in front of you and get it done. Then move on to the next. It’s hard to work efficiently when you’re trying to do more than one thing at a time. Get a grip – focus on the most important task you need to accomplish – and then move on to the next one.

One goal at a time
What’s the next step that leads to the life of your dreams? Focus solely on accomplishing that one thing. If you have too many goals, you won’t achieve any of them. Get a grip – work on getting to the next level – and then move on to your next goal.

One change at a time
Take a clue from crafty old Ben Franklin. 95 He had a list of thirteen virtues] that he wanted to make part of his life. He found that he didn’t see much, if any, improvement when he tried to change them all at once. So he decided to focus on only one of them each week. When he started doing this, he saw meaningful progress.

One day at a time

Yesterday is gone forever. Learn from it and move on. You can’t change tomorrow unless you change today. So focus on making the most of today. That’s not that hard. If you focus on the most important things today, you’ll keep moving closer to bigg success!

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