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Is Hibernation a Key to Success?

Take time away to hibernate for BIGG SuccessDo you hibernate? Not like bears do. We don’t mean being holed up for the whole winter, sleeping the days away.

We mean occasional time away from the world. It may be an evening, a weekend, or a long weekend.


Hibernate at home

You could go away. Sometimes that’s just the ticket.

But why go to all the hassle? Hibernate at home.

Just get home, change into some comfy clothes, kick your feet up, and relax.


Hibernate with loved ones

Hibernate with your spouse or significant other. Hibernate with your nuclear family, if you have kids. But don’t neglect time with just your lover.

Don’t do a lot. Order delivery. Or get some appetizer-type foods or other finger foods that can be made in a flash with little effort.

Play games. Watch movies. Make some popcorn.

Above all, have fun, even if that means doing nothing. Rest. Relax. Doing nothing is not a waste of time.


Hibernate alone

Don’t make the mistake of not devoting some time to hibernate alone. Make time for yourself.

You need time to decompress. You need time to think. Fantasize a little. Escape. When you come back to reality, you can take these BIGG dreams and create an action plan.

But first, you need to just let your mind wander to destinations you don’t often visit. Because that’s where you will often find your BIGG ideas.


Hibernate in public

There are things you do in private that you can’t do in public. Well, at least not without getting arrested!

But you can hibernate in public without drawing the attention of the police. While hibernating in private is preferable to be sure, you can escape for a short time with other people around.

So when you feel like you need a break, hibernate mentally even if you can’t do it physically. Spend a few minutes in the recesses of your mind.


Don’t hibernate too much

Hibernation is a wonderful thing. However, you can overdo it. That’s why we defined it as “occasional time away.”

There are other relationships which must be maintained. You have to face the real world. You have to find your next dinner.

So you can hibernate again. It’s a key to success. To BIGG success, even!

Do you hibernate?

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