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Leap Ahead to Be a Success

taking a leap for BIGG SuccessIt only happens every four years – Leap Year. So we’re thinking about leaping.

Let’s talk about four ways to leap ahead:

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Leap past the past

You are where you are. Be grateful for it.
You may have been wronged. Forgive the person.
You may have failed. Forget about it.

Of course, there are lessons when we don’t succeed. See this for what it is – an opportunity to learn.

Once you’ve done that, move forward. No more energy needs to be directed at what didn’t happen.

You may have regrets. If they can be corrected, do so.
If they involve another person, ask for grace.
If you can’t reach them, do something special for someone else.

Leap to the future

What does life on your own terms mean to you?
Picture it in your mind using all your senses.
Then see yourself living the dream right now.

All great accomplishments are first lived out in the mind.

The more clearly you can envision it, the more it becomes part of you. Feel this dream being absorbed by your mind, your heart, and your soul.

Leap ahead today

This is where the real action takes place. In fact, it’s where all success is achieved – in the present, today, right now.

You’ll never leap ahead by focusing on the past. As we said earlier, be grateful today for all that you are and all that you have.

Likewise, you’ll never leap ahead by focusing on the future. Form your vision of the future. Live it out in your mind today.

But then it’s time to get to the serious work. Your vision shows you the destination. Now it’s time to drive toward it.

What is the most important thing you can do today to move you closer to your dream? Do it.

No matter what else comes up, get it done. You’ll never get where you want to be unless you put your focus in action.

You may have other obligations. Things may come up.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish. But the more attention you pay today to your most important things, the sooner you’ll leap ahead.

Leap ahead little by little, over and over

No matter how much you may accomplish, BIGG success doesn’t happen in one day. It’s cumulative.

You have to focus on accomplishing your most important things day after day.

And you don’t leap from the ground floor to the top of a giant skyscraper. There are no elevators or escalators.

You have to climb the stairway to BIGG success. Step by step, floor by floor, you reach ever greater heights little by little.

What you do today matters little. Yet what you do today makes all the difference in the world. Focus on getting to the next floor. Take the next step. It leads to BIGG success!

Not sure what your next step should be? Maybe we can help.

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