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Two Common Themes for the Jobs of the Future

By 440 Wynn Bigg]
Bigg Success Contributor

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As developed countries continue to develop, more and more outsourcing to less developed countries is occurring. Some see this as a great evil. I see it as a natural evolution. Businesses will continue to seek the lowest cost for the goods and services they buy.

So you have a choice to make:

  • You can complain about it and do nothing else.
  • You can position yourself for the future – a future that spells opportunity for people who get on board quickly enough.

If you choose the latter, there are two things to consider as you think about your own career – two factors that spell opportunity for the careers of the future in developed countries.

On site

Careers that require you to be on site will be full of opportunity in developed countries. If it can’t be done in some other area of the world, your job is much more secure. Your job requires you to be on the premises – of your employer or your employer’s customers – in order to perform your duties. For example, there will be more opportunities in jobs that require you to physically inspect the work that has been done.

In person
Careers that require face-to-face communication will also thrive in the coming years in developed countries. If you have to see the person, or they have to see you, it can’t be done somewhere else. Your job calls for the richest form of communication – in person – in order to be done properly. As an example, any job that requires a hands-on demonstration of a product will be full of possibilities.

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