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Spotting Consumer Trends

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Changes


It’s not easy to identify trends. We’re not talking about the latest article of clothing worn by a model going up and down the catwalk. That may be interesting, but is probably less important than spotting trends that affect your future and the future of your business or industry.

If it’s difficult to spot trends, it’s even harder to apply that trend to something meaningful. Positioning yourself to ride the wave. There’s a great article at on the basics of spotting trends. They offer 5 tips to spot trends:

Tip 1: Know why you’re tracking trends.

Tip 2: Have a point of view.

Tip 3: Weave your web of resources.

Tip 4: Fine-tune your trend framework.

Tip 5: Embed and apply.

You’ll get a detailed explanation of each tip along with tons of examples. It’s definitely worth your time. Check it out at!

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