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10 Signs You Do NOT Need a Coach

Hiring a coach for BIGG SuccessBefore we get to the list, we’ll disclose that we coach entrepreneurs from idea to exit.

Having said that, we believe strongly in the value of coaching. We constantly work with one or more coaches at a time.

We developed this list based on our experiences on both sides of the relationship.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at who should not hire a coach. Let’s get to it…

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10) Your plan is to just wait for your ship to come in. You’re sure that – any day now – you’ll win the biggest lottery of all lotteries AND be named the sole heir of an unknown distant relative, who turns out to be the richest person in the history of the world.

9) You don’t think you deserve more than you already have. You happily accept your lot in life.

8) You are the first purely human being to achieve perfection. You can’t think of a single area of your life where there is any room for improvement.

7) You think that coaches are for wimps. You don’t care that a coach would help you reach BIGG success faster, you’re determined to go it alone.

6) Your confidence is so fragile that you can’t stand the thought of getting an objective opinion about your plans.

5) You can’t stand the thought of having an ally who cares so much about your success.

4) You’ve run out of dreams.

3) You have already single-handedly solved every problem in your corner of the world.

2) You have a teeny, tiny, little brain and there is no room left for even one more idea.

1) Your world is absolutely perfect. You live in a mansion and walk on streets of gold.

Have you worked with a coach?

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