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What We're Sacrificing to Achieve Work-Life Balance

loveA recent Consumer Reports study showed that almost 70 million of us don’t get enough of it. We spend about $16 billion a year trying to get more of it. Fifty percent of us didn’t get enough of it yesterday.

What are we talking about?  Sleep.



You go to work. You’re there all day. You drive home. You have dinner. You do some household chores. You finish up some work that you brought home. Now it’s late. Looks like another night with too little sleep. Oh well, you’ll catch up this weekend. But that rarely happens.

marylynn I’m a total insomniac. Every stinkin’ night, I toss and turn. I’ve tried using Melatonin. Even a CD of waves crashing on the beach. Nothing works consistently.


georgeI spend all day trying to get my brain to turn on and then, when I go to bed, I can’t get it to shut down! What seems to work for me is something everyone says you shouldn’t do. I can fall asleep watching TV. It gets my mind off of my work.


6 things you definitely shouldn’t do if you want a good night’s sleep

#6 – Turn your bed into your home office.

#5 – Be the guitar hero and immediately turn in.

#4 – Chug a Red Bull right before you turn out the lights.

#3 – Variety is the spice of life. Mix it up and never go to bed at the same time.

#2 – Have a big bowl of super spicy chili with beans just before bedtime.

#1 – Wear pajamas that fit as tight as an aging rock-n-roll star’s leather pants.

If you want some real tips on how to get more sleep, check out the article at Consumer Reports. They also have a great quiz that lets you see how your sleep pattern compares to others.   


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Next time, we’ll talk about when a saver and a spender become husband and wife. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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