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Ring in the Olympics

pm411_logo It’s 8-8-08. The Olympics start today at 8:08:08, Beijing time, this evening. A survey showed that 92 percent of the people could correctly identify the Olympic rings. That makes the Olympic rings the most recognized symbol in the world. 86 percent of those questioned associated the Olympic rings with the world's greatest sporting event.



The meaning behind the symbol

This got us thinking about branding and the importance of having a recognizable symbol that conveys the message you’re trying to convey. Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern day Olympics, came up with the five rings.

The five rings represent the five continents that embraced the Olympic movement. We found that kind of funny, since we thought there were seven continents! Antarctica obviously doesn’t participate and Europe and Asia were considered to be one continent.

The rings are linked to represent the union of man. The colors of the rings represented the flags of all the countries at the time the symbol was created. They sit on a white background, to represent all the nations of the world.

The symbol and the message are inter-related

As you can see, a tremendous amount of thought went into creating the most recognizable symbol in the world. We bet that you had a general sense of what the rings meant even before you read the discussion above. It’s easy to get.

The symbol reinforces the message, and the message reinforces symbol.

Now apply this to your brand. What do you do? What problem do you solve? Incorporate that into your brand imaging.

We probably found this study so interesting because we’re in the process of coming up with a new symbol for Bigg Success. We have some additions coming soon to our site. We’re developing a new symbol to convey exactly what bigg success means. Keep checking in for more bigg news!

Jake’s Take

Comedian Jake Novak dropped by the show to share his take on this year’s Olympics. A number of companies line up to became official Olympic sponsors. Jake’s found out who the top 5 REAL sponsors of the Beijing Olympics are:

#5 – HGH: The official steroid of the 2008 Beijing Games

#4 – Smog: the official pollution of the 2008 Beijing Games

#3 – Chinese-Made Toys: The official choking hazard of the 2008 Beijing Games

#2 – Poison: The official dog and cat food of the 2008 Beijing Games

… and the #1 supporter is a dual sponsorship

Nightsticks and Tear Gas: the official anti-protest weapons of the 2008 Beijing Games

Thanks, Jake for sharing your wit with us!



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