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What's Hot in 2009: Careers

maple_leaf_foods_logo This week on The Bigg Success Show, we’re taking a look at opportunities and threats in 2009. We begin the five-part series today by looking at careers.

We recently posted an article on hot careers for 2009. On today’s show, we want to share some more thoughts. It’s a tough market if you’re looking for a job or changing careers right now. However, rest assured, there will be opportunities in 2009.



Opportunities in 2009

In the near future, we think the best opportunities will be “pockets”. As we define this term, “pockets” are niches within a larger job category. To find the pockets of opportunity in 2009, think about what’s been in the news and what opportunities in your area of expertise may benefit from that news. 

For example, while foreclosures and bankruptcies are wreaking havoc on many, they are also creating opportunities for others. The finance profession has probably been hit as hard, or harder, than most fields.

However, opportunity still exists for certain specialists. A friend of ours is employed by a major bank’s workout department. In the last month-and-a-half, they’ve gone from our friend and one other employee to a department with about forty employees.

Some of these opportunities may be really hot in the next year or two. Then it will be time to move to a different specialty.

Opportunities in 2009 and beyond

For the long-term, think trends. In the article we mentioned previously, we looked at careers that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to be in high demand for the next eight years or so. Then we refined it by looking at expectations for 2009, industry by industry. 

If a downturn was expected in an industry, we excluded careers in that field from the list. For example, it’s expected that the casino industry will be hiring people at an above-average rate in the coming years. However, the industry isn’t expected to do well in 2009 so we removed jobs in that sector.

One trend we’re all familiar with is the aging of the baby boomers. As they reach retirement age, many career fields are expanding to serve them. One is the health-care arena where demand for workers isn’t expected to be saturated for some time to come.

Another field that plays into this trend is financial services. Especially in light of what we experienced in 2008, people are being more diligent with their investments. In particular, the baby boomers are looking for professionals who can advise them on crucial financial decisions.

These are just a couple of examples that play off this one trend. The full article has over fifty occupations with a bright outlook in 2009 and beyond.

Even if you’re not currently in the market for a job, you might find it valuable to take a look at this information. You may just discover your bigg opportunity.


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Thanks so much for checking in with us today. Again, be sure to check out our extensive article on hot careers for 2009, you'll find over 50 professions listed. Next in our series of what’s hot in 2009, we’ll focus on business opportunities. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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