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Three Levels of Freedom – Part 1

freedomIf our math is correct, we’re getting ready to celebrate the 233rd birthday of the Declaration of Independence here in the U.S. So we’ve been thinking about freedom.

Today we’ll start a five-part series on freedom. In the first three posts, we’ll explore three levels of freedom. They are: freedom of, freedom from, and freedom to.



Freedom of

With this level, we think freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and those sorts of things. If you’re like us, you probably think of these things as rights.

That is if you’re lucky enough to live in a society that guarantees those rights. If you’re reading this post, the odd are that you do live in such a society. We take away two points from this:

If you live in such a country, stop and be grateful.
You may see flaws in the system. You may see the misdoings of public officials. You may adamantly disagree with their decisions.

But, now and then, stop and be thankful that you live in a place where you can express your disagreement, if you choose to do so, without fear for your life. What a wonderful gift it is!

For the most part, societies that guarantee these freedoms do better than societies that don’t.
Isolation doesn’t work. It slows progress. In fact, isolation can actually cause societies to go backwards. We wonder, though, which comes first:

Does this infrastructure need to be in place so these countries develop, or …

Does this infrastructure result from the development?

We suspect the former – development is more likely to occur when this infrastructure is in place. When people feel that basic freedoms exist, they are free to develop things that aren’t likely to be developed in a closed society.

There is a lesson for leaders in this. Don’t just allow your people to express themselves; encourage it. That’s where creativity comes through.

Bigg success often starts with a bad idea. Ideas may seem bad at first hearing, but can evolve into something revolutionary. Such was the case about 233 years ago when a group of people declared their independence. We know the rest of that story!


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Thank you so much for reading our post today. Please join us next time when we’ll discuss the second level of freedom – freedom from. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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