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The Best Way to Think Outside the Box

inside_the_boxThere’s a cliché of which we’ve grown quite tired. “Think outside the box.” When we heard it said yet again the other day, we had an epiphany.

It’s a way to make sure that you never have to worry about not thinking outside the box. Here it is:

If you always want to think outside the box, don’t get in the box in the first place!



Refuse to accept things at face value. Stand firm against group think. Resist the urge to just go along.

The way you do that is to … expose yourself!

It’s the naked truth!

Allow us to clarify what we mean here. We’re saying to make sure you have plenty of diversity in your life.

The more ways you can look at an issue, the more likely you are to come up with the solution you seek. You can look at an issue from more directions when you expose yourself. 

Let’s get to the bare facts. Here are five things to which you can expose yourself to think innovatively. 

Expose yourself to new people.
This one sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? We don’t mean this in a weird way. Just make sure you don’t just meet people just like you.

Reach out to people in different fields. Get to know people in different areas of the world – it’s easier than ever to do that these days with social networking.

Expose yourself to new opinions.
You will accomplish this, in part, by making friends with a diverse group of people. You can also do it by watching, listening or reading that you don’t usually tune into.

Expose yourself to new places.
This can be as simple as trying a different restaurant instead of the old stand-by. If you usually go downtown, go out to the country or vice versa. Go somewhere else on vacation this year.

Expose yourself to new activities.
Try something you’ve never tried before. Take a class in something you have an interest in but you’ve never really explored. It could even be as simple as taking a different route to work.

Expose yourself to new tools.
If you usually use a fork, try chopsticks. If you have never texted a message, give it a whirl.

You get the idea. Try something different with someone different somewhere different.

When it comes to our finances, we invest in a diversified portfolio of assets to maximize our returns and minimize our risk. Well, it’s safe to assume you’ll think outside the box if you make sure you have variety in your life. It’s the spice that leads to bigg success!

How do you make sure you think innovatively?
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