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You and Your Drum

music-lessonsOn The Bigg Success Show today, we had another installment of music lessons. Listen in if you want to hear some terrible singing!



Little Drummer Boy is one of the most famous Christmas songs of all and one of our personal favorites. It’s short and simple, but packs an incredibly powerful message.

You know the story. The little drummer boy’s friends are on their way to see the new born King. They’ve brought their best gifts.

The little drummer boy was from a poor family. He had no money. He had no gift – especially not a gift fit for a King. What a pickle he was in!

But he was quick on his feet – he asked permission to play his drum. It pleased the boy King.

You, too, have a gift fit for a King. It’s not a gift that requires that you spend money.

You just have to be willing to share, to give of yourself. But first you have to discover your unique gift. Have you found it yet? 


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What do you love to do?

Picture yourself walking on a long, beautiful beach. You come across a beautiful bottle. You pick it up and polish it a little with your shirt. Out comes a genie!

This genie is a special one. This genie tells you that you don’t have to worry about money. You can spend your time anyway you want. What would you do?

Take some time to really think about it. How would you spend your time if you didn’t have to worry about money?

Now ask yourself another question: What is it about that activity that appeals to you?

Dig deeper. You may find that it’s not so much the activity; it’s some underlying part of it that pleases you.

What’s easy for you?

But don’t stop there. Now ask: What is easy for you to do that others find difficult?

Really think about this one. We tend to diminish those things that we find easy to do. In fact, you may not even notice these things because you expend so little effort to do them. You just assume that’s the case for everyone.

So talk to people who are close to you. Ask them what they think you’re especially good at.

Your drum

Now that you’ve thought about what you would do if money weren’t an issue and you’ve thought about things you’re able to do effortlessly, put them together. It’s highly likely that you’re going to see an alignment between what you love to do and what comes effortlessly for you.

That’s your gift. That’s your drum! Play it to create rhythm in your life. Play it to reach bigg success!


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