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Making New Year Resolutions that Stick

new-year_2010Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?

We don’t mean to sound pessimistic with what we’re about to say. Although, you probably already know this anyway:

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions. Most people don’t keep them.




We think we have the answer. They’re suffering from A – D – D.

On New Year’s Eve, we go out and pop the bubbly to ring in the New Year. Then, we make our New Year’s resolutions while suffering from …

After Drinking Delusions!

So when we make our resolutions, we don’t think realistically. So let’s look at two of the symptoms of this dreaded condition.

Making too many resolutions
Resolutions are usually about behavior. A behavior – singular – can be changed. But it’s not easy. Trying to change behaviors – plural – is nearly impossible.

So it’s really important to focus in on those few things – think one to three – that you really want to change. Once you get them down, you can move on to the next set.

Now Benjamin Franklin figured out a way to work on multiple behaviors at the same time – thirteen to be exact (he called them virtues). But Ben Franklin had a system.

He focused on one virtue every week. So every year, he spent four weeks focusing on every virtue. But he kept them all front and center all the time.

Making giant leaps
Another delusion is thinking we can accomplish too much with every resolution. We set goals that only Superman could reach. You know: “Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”

We’re all about bigg success, but bigg success comes in baby steps. Step by step, flight after flight, we climb the stairway to bigg success.

Fortunately, we learned about a prescription for A – D – D.

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Make a New Day’s resolution.

Instead of thinking in giant leaps, think about what you need to do today to make that giant leap this year.

So instead of thinking “I need to lose 20 pounds”, think “I need to eat right today.”

This has really worked for us. It really seems to take the pressure off because it doesn’t seem so daunting. You know that you only have to do it today.

So what if you don’t keep your resolution today?

You have another opportunity tomorrow. Shake it off. Don’t get discouraged. You have 365 opportunities in the coming year to keep your resolutions. It’s not all-or-nothing.

We also suggest that you take one resolution at a time. Make it a habit by winning daily for a month. Then once you’ve got it down, move on to your next one.

Day by day, resolution by resolution, you’ll reach bigg success! 


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Thanks so much for all your support this year. We wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s to your bigg success in 2010!


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