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The Only Model You Need to be a Success

success_wayDo you love success stories? We do.

It’s always so inspiring to hear how someone overcame the obstacles we all inherently face and went on to build an empire.



We hope to emulate them. However, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t reach bigg success in exactly the same way someone else did.

“Why?” you ask.

Because of change, you are playing in a different environment.

Customers have changed.
Consumers – both businesses and people – are evaluating their relationships. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing for start-ups and other early stage businesses. It’s a curse for established businesses.

Customers are demanding more value. A lot of people equate value to price. But there’s more to value than that. There’s also service and quality. While consumers are definitely more price-sensitive now, they still value innovative solutions to the problems they’re facing.

Competition has changed.
Weaker competitors are mostly gone. The few who have survived probably won’t hold on much longer. Going forward, your competition is going to be better which means you have to be better.

Methods have changed.
Trust is a bigg issue with customers today. They increasingly choose to do business with people, not organizations. Building enduring relationships is more important today than at any time in our lives.

You can’t bury your head in the sand and expect to succeed. You have to embrace new methods – whether that is open source software, cloud computing, social media, collaboration, a new invention in your industry or something else.

Change has changed.
Change today is occurring faster and faster. That’s exciting for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs embrace change because they know that change creates opportunities.

Meanwhile, most people fight change. Change for change’s sake wastes resources. Change sparked by innovation or in response to a market need is where the action always has been and always will be.

So if things have changed, if the success of others doesn’t serve as an example for your success, what should you do?


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Don’t copy them. Build your own model of bigg success.

Here are three key to building that model:

There is more than one way for you to reach bigg success.
Thinking about it that way kind of takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? There are no secrets. There’s no one thing that you must do. It’s a combination of factors that will get you to the life you dream of living.

If it works for you, it works!
It may have never worked for anyone before you. It may never work for anyone, including you, ever again.

None of that matters. If it works for you – right now, when you need it to work – it works.

If at first you don’t succeed, trying again may not be best.
You will face failures on your path to bigg success. Winners persevere. There’s no doubt about that. But sometimes – just every once in a while – the lesson learned is:

Move on!

As we prepared for this post, we talked about going to market early last year with a product for community bankers. Talk about bad timing; it was not a bigg success to say the least!

But we learned so much in the process. We tweaked our product offerings. We changed our selling process. We made a lot of changes – reactively and proactively.

Now we’re back in the saddle again (feel free to sing, we did!). The biggest factor in our misguided attempt – the economy – is now working for us!

You won’t learn exactly what to do to reach bigg success from any success story. Success stories are not something you can put in the copy machine of life and duplicate.

They are templates which require customization. Use them to build your model of bigg success.


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