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Turn the Winter Blues Yellow

sunshineWe’re not sure that this isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. According to the experts, today is the most depressing day of the year.

Now isn’t that depressing?



It sure can be. In many parts of the world, we’re cooped up inside due to the cold. New Year’s resolutions are starting to fall by the wayside.

Well, we have a solution: Turn the winter blues yellow.

Today, of all days, is the day to p**s someone off!

You’re miserable. Why not make someone else miserable?

So when someone says “Good morning”, p**s them off! Respond with something like, “Oh yeah. What’s so good about it? Maybe it’s good for you. You always get all the breaks. I’d be happy to if I had your life.”

When someone tells you what a great weekend they had, p**s them off! Remind them that there are a lot of people who were suffering this weekend. What kind of narcissist are they anyway? Only thinking of themselves.

When someone gets a pat on the back, p**s them off! List all of the reasons they don’t deserve the credit. 

Yes, today is the day to p**s someone off. You’re a nation of one! It’s your duty!


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Of course, we’re being facetious.

But have you ever noticed that it seems that some people are so miserable that they can only feel better by making someone else miserable?

That’s not what bigg goal-getters do. They turn winter blues yellow in a different way. They let the sun shine in:

Shed some light on the subject
As we write this post, the sun is shining. Hooray!

However, we’ve had a deplorable lack of sunshine in our area of the world over the last couple of weeks. Lack of sunshine is one of the reasons people feel more depressed at this time of year.

If the sun isn’t shining for you, make it shine yourself. Experts say that a light box or a light visor simulates natural light whereas normal light bulbs do not. They only emit between 200 and 500 lux. You want at least 2,500 lux to simulate sunlight.

Light up your life

Do something special for yourself today. Give yourself a little treat. Get a massage. Take some time for your favorite activity. Catch up with your best friend.

Turn on your heart light

Here’s something we don’t often think about:

Love is a verb. Verbs mean action.

So take action. Do something special for someone you love today. When we get outside of ourselves, we feel better. 

The sun will come out tomorrow
When we’re feeling down, it’s sometimes difficult to remember this.

Don’t let the emotions of today harm your future bigg success. Keep your faith! Stay the course!

Bigg success comes one day at a time. Focus on what you must do today to build the life of your dreams.

Before you know it, you’ll be walking on sunshine.

How do you get over the winter blues? 


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