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The Dictionary is Wrong About Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur in the dictionaryWe don’t profess to be grammar experts. That’s why we rely on Grammar Girl! However, we still think the dictionary is wrong about the term “entrepreneur”.

Bigg success is about entrepreneuring your life – taking full control to create the life that perfectly fits you. We define bigg success as life on your own terms. So we look closely at terms here at Bigg Success.

And we realized something recently.



No disagreement here …
If you look up “entrepreneur” in the dictionary, it says it’s a noun.

We certainly don’t disagree with that. According to Merriam-Webster, an entrepreneur is a person who owns, manages and assumes the risk of a business.

Sounds like a noun, doesn’t it?

… but we do disagree here
We recently did a two-part series that played off the term “reverse engineering” – Reverse Entrepreneuring the Industrial Revolution.

It made us curious.

If you look up “engineer” in the dictionary, it says it’s a noun and a verb.

We think “entrepreneur” can be a verb as well. You can entrepreneur your life by designing and building the life of your dreams.

1. Design

This is where it starts. You envision the life you dream of living. It’s a life that encompasses that plays to your principles, priorities, passions, preferences and proficiencies.

You also want to look for profit. You have to find an opportunity that fully compensates you for the time and money you will invest along with a reasonable return given the risk you will take.

Put all of these P’s together and you have a plan that fulfills your purpose.

Design is all internal. You’re the only person who sees any progress.

2. Build
This is when your bigg idea starts to manifest itself to the world! It’s all about projects and processes centered on executing your plan.

As with an entrepreneurial endeavor, you can view your life as a series of projects designed to create value – for you and others.

You only take on projects that help you fulfill your purpose. You say “No” to everything else.

You bring in resources to these projects – your own and those of your network – to create the most value in as little time as possible.

You also develop processes to make sure your resources stretch as far as possible. Of course, the most precious resource you have is your time.

Your life is the single most important venture you will ever run. Entrepreneur your life for bigg success!

Do you think entrepreneur is a verb?

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