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Productivity and Personalities

personalitiesThis show is inspired by Celebrity Apprentice. If you’ve been watching, you’ve probably noticed that the women just can’t get along. It’s really cost them on a few of the tasks.

There have been some serious personality clashes!

And when personalities clash, productivity will crash!



The fine line you should not cross


George KruegerIt makes me think about something one of my mentors said. “I knew I couldn’t like everyone I worked with. But I tried very hard not to dislike anyone I worked with.”



Mary-Lynn FosterThat’s great advice. It really highlights that’s there a fine line you should try not to cross with your co-workers. If you do, productivity will suffer.


There’s one sure sign that you’ve crossed the line. It’s easy to spot with a little introspection.

You’ve crossed the line if you:
1. disagree with someone on everything
2. can’t see any good in anything they say or do
3. never think they have a good idea

The worst subordinate you can have

Entrepreneurial leaders must welcome differences. The worst person in your charge is a “yes” person. You’ll get “group think” if you don’t have people who are different from you.

They often initiate the best ideas. They may keep you from stumbling. They can shore up weak spots in your thought process.

So foster people with differences to create the most value for your firm.

The ground rules

It’s important for entrepreneurial leaders to set ground rules:


Mary-Lynn FosterAs the saying goes, “just because you disagree doesn’t mean you have to be disagreeable.” Make this clear to your whole team. Encourage constructive disagreements



George KruegerShow them you’re serious by stressing that if someone on your team always agrees with you, you probably don’t need them. I’ve selected people because I knew they were really different than me. It’s almost always worked out great.


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One time when differences spell trouble

You need a shared vision and values. Without a shared vision, there will be conflict over direction. You won’t be focused. The result will be a misallocation of resources at best or a complete waste of resources at worst.

Ethical dilemmas rise to the top. An ethical dilemma occurs when two or more core values are at odds. Without shared values, there will be conflict over day-to-day operations.

Shared vision and values are especially important among key employees and other stakeholders in an entrepreneurial firm. They must share your vision and values to maximize your company’s productivity.

A shared vision and values help create business value. That’s BIGG success!

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