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Banking on Popcorn for BIGG Success

popcorn cartThe banker had never seen an economy like this one. He had prospered for years. Happy times were here again! Life couldn’t be better …

… then it happened.



The boom turned to bust.

The Roaring Twenties led into the Great Depression.

He had never seen an economy like this one.
The market crash created a wave of fear.
The customers of his bank rushed in.
He didn’t have the reserves to satisfy them.
His bank failed.

He failed.
He had lost everything.
His life was in complete shambles.
He had to find some way out of the hole he was in now.

The first necessary ingredient for BIGG success
There are five elements of BIGG success – money, time, growth, work and play. The banker didn’t have any money. He did have plenty of time on his hands.

And he had something even more important:


Hope that tomorrow would be better than today.
Hope that he could work out of the hole he was in.
Hope that he could get back some of what he had lost.

Hope is just an unpopped kernel
Hope isn’t good enough. It’s like an unpopped kernel of popcorn – necessary to the process but not usable. Pop it and it can be used for food. In some cultures, it’s also been used for adornment.

But just laying there – all by itself – it doesn’t do anybody any good. You have to blend it with the oil of belief. Then you have to put it over the heat of action. And give it some time.

Before long, a kernel will pop. Then another one. Then a bunch together. They will keep popping for a while.

Eventually, you have to remove the corn from the heat. Some kernels will remain unpopped – not every hope pops. Most hope does with belief, action and time.

An idea pops for the banker
During the heights of the Great Depression, the banker noticed something interesting:

People couldn’t afford many of the luxuries they had grown accustomed to during the Roaring Twenties …

… but everyone could afford popcorn!

There was another trend that the banker hoped to capitalize on:


In spite of predictions that no one would spend money on movies during bad times, it was a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment for the whole family.

They were also chic now because you could actually hear the actors talk!

A shop that pops
The banker bought a popcorn machine and set up shop in a small store close to a movie theater. Theaters didn’t sell popcorn back then.

But people wanted it. In fact, they would often sneak out of the theater to buy it.

The banker’s popcorn business thrived!

Within just a couple of years, he was able to buy back the farms he had lost. He was a BIGG success!

“Of course life is bizarre. The more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.”   ~ Author unknown

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