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5 Ways to Super-Serve Your Customers

customerManagement is about things; leadership is about people.

Management is about efficiency; leadership is about effectiveness.



Customer service is about interaction. So the focus should be on effectiveness, not efficiency.

That’s how you can gain a competitive advantage. You super-serve your customers by making it:

Serve the customer as an individual, not a “market segment”. Entrepreneurial firms should be able to do this much better than a large company.

Design your systems to make it easy for your customers, even if that makes it harder for you.

It should be easy for customers to get more information about you, your products and your services.

Make it easy to ask questions, easy to buy from you, and easy to offer feedback or follow-up after the purchase.

We live in a complex world. We’re inundated with choices.

When you know your customers well, you can filter information for them. You can screen options so they don’t have to deal with them all.

Don’t just be yet another person trying to sell them something. Instead, become their Purchasing Agent:

Take everything out there and narrow it down to their three best options. Let them decide which of those three is the best one for them.


Use plain language, not jargon from your industry or business. Don’t talk above their level. Don’t get too technical. Speak in terms your customers understand.

If you’re doing any significant amount of business at all, you will occasionally make a mistake. Tell your customer you’re sorry but realize that an apology isn’t enough. Find some way to do something extra special for them.

Businesses are built on the front line. Make sure you give it the attention it deserves and you’ll be a BIGG success!

How do you super-serve customers?

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