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Nick SchmidtA dear friend of ours, Nick Schmidt (@Schmult), passed away yesterday. Nick left us too early; he was just 32. He fought a rare form of cancer.

When we first met Nick, we were in the process of launching BIGG Success. We connected with him online. He was doing some really cool video podcasts. He shared some tips with me. Then we found out that he lived in our town. We were so excited to meet him in person.

The night we met, Nick had just learned that he had cancer. What do you say to a 29-year old who has just heard that his world has been turned upside down?

We didn’t have to say anything.

Nick had it all under control. He would beat it. He knew it. It never beat him mentally but sometimes the body isn’t as strong as the mind.

Nick was an accountant turned video blogger. Nick never let labels bother him. (Our favorite video of his is Twitter Addict. For context, remember the ad campaign about getting hooked on crack.)

With Team Schmult, he was a cancer patient who helped other people with health problems. Nick was too BIGG of a person to let his little problem slow him down.

Nick will always be one of our favorite people. He lived his life to its fullest. He cared for others even when he needed care.

Nick, we’ll miss you but you’ll always an example to us of what it means to be a BIGG success.