How Successful Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear and Attract More Clients

Fabienne FredricksonToday on The BIGG Success Show, we are so happy to be talking with Fabienne Fredrickson. She is the founder of Client Attraction, where she helps entrepreneurs climb to 6 figures and up (something she's done by building her own multi-million dollar business), and she’ll als be appearing this month on Lifetime TV’s Balancing Act.

During our interview, Fabienne shares some of the secrets to her BIGG Success! Click on the player to listen to the podast.



Podcast Highlights:

Fabienne tells us about experiencing entrepreneurial terror early on in her venture. She calls them the "the 3am I don't have enough clients sweats." Hear what her dad told her when she called him during one of those panic attacks, and how she turned her situation around.

Find out what the #1 thing Fabienne has learned that will get entrepreneurs past fear.

Fabienne shares the steps she's taken to avoid feeling overwhelmed by an entrepreneurial venture.

Fabienne is THE expert when it comes to client attraction. Hear her advice on how to get more of the clients you are looking for…and how to avoid what she calls "marketing suicide."

Learn why Fabienne says "sharing your brownies" is a key ingredient to your compelling marketing message.

Free Gift from Fabienne:
Get a free CD "How to Attract All the Clients you Need" on her Client Attraction website. The CD provides tips you can use immediately to begin attracting more clients to your business. 

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  1. Nicole N
    Nicole N says:

    Thanks for a great interview with Fabienne. I think she is a fantastic role model for balance, showing us how to be successful women in our careers and as a wife and mother, too.


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