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How to Get Clients to Help You Attract More Business

Fabienne FredricksonToday on The BIGG Success Show, continue our discussion with Fabienne Fredrickson. She is the founder of Client Attraction, where she helps entrepreneurs climb to 6 figures and up. She's also appearing this month on Lifetime TV’s Balancing Act.

Last time, Fabienne told us how successful entrepreneurs overcome fear and attract more clients. In this interview segment, she offers more advice for entrepreneurs on how to build the clientelle you need to be a BIGG Success. Listen to the podcast.



Podcast Highlights:

Fabienne offers ideas on how to create a compelling marketing message that makes your products/services stand out.

Learn how client feedback can be a tool to help your business grow, and why you should create a "kind words folder."

Entrepreneurs can feel lonely. They are often misunderstood too. Fabienne offers her biggest piece of advice to help entreprenurs keep a confident mindset. She also suggests a valuable way to create a support system. 

Free Gift from Fabienne:
Get a free CD "How to Attract All the Clients you Need" on her Client Attraction website. The CD provides tips you can use immediately to begin attracting more clients to your business. 

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