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If You Want to be a BIGG Success …

Act like a BIGG Success

Act like a BIGG success.

We’ll grant you, it’s a short-term solution. In the long-term, you have to do more. You have to do those things which lead you to your destiny.

But today – make that right now – act like a
BIGG success.

It’s easy to let our feelings dictate our activities. As a BIGG goal-getter, you can’t afford to do that. Act like a BIGG success to snap yourself out of whatever feelings are holding you back.

So if you’re sitting right now, sit up and smile.
When you get up, stick out your chest and walk with confidence.
Give a hearty “Hello” to the next person you see.
Reach out to that person you really want to know.
Tackle that BIGG project with fervor.

Act! Now!

Just one caveat:
If riches are part of your definition of BIGG success, don’t spend now like you’ve already made it. Living rich, before you are rich, is one sure way to never be rich.

Image in this post from LilGoldWmn