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get a vision for your life | BIGG SuccessWe recently saw a great post by Bob Burg about Paul Allen’s book, Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft.

As he often is, Bob was profound and elegant. He was impressed by the passion Paul Allen displayed in the book.

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The one thing to expect when you act on an idea

BIGG success is life on your own terms. Bob says for Paul Allen, it was about the fulfillment of ideas.

A lot of people have a lot of ideas.

Guess what they do with them?

Absolutely nothing.

Some people execute upon an idea and it doesn’t work out as expected. Here’s the one thing you can expect when you act upon an idea:

It won’t go as expected.

It’s not the idea

But many people never stop to think about that. So when they run into the inevitable roadblock, they quit.

Paul Allen didn’t quit. He knew it was part of the journey. He had to see the outcome of his ideas.

It’s his definition of life on his own terms. What is life on your own terms for you?

Our term

You’re in control of a very special enterprise – your life. What will you do with it?

Our term is philanthropreneuring together.

We want to be able to continue being partners in life and business. That’s the together part.

And we want BIGG Success to be such a BIGG success that we can help worthy causes be a BIGG success.

That’s a lot of BIGG success!

But do you see what we did with our terms?

We made up a word – philanthropreneuring. Well, we weren’t the first to use the term philanthropreneur. But we didn’t know that when we came up with it.

You often see people limit themselves by the terms they use to describe themselves. Your terms should be empowering. Your terms should be rich – multi-layered words that invoke meaning for you.

A vision, not just an idea

When we think of philanthropreneuring together, we can see ourselves talking with people who we have helped.

We can picture customers who are thrilled with our cause and our work.

We can see us traveling together for both fun and work. We can feel the thrill of experiencing new cultures firsthand.

Notice the word choice in that last sentence. We said “feel” instead of see. Your terms should get all five of your senses going like crazy!

You might have a little trouble with taste and smell sometimes. But try to put yourself in the place right now mentally.

You know what you want. Get a clear picture of it in your mind. Then go for it and keep going until you get it. That’s BIGG success!

What does life on your own terms mean to you?

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