Social Media and a Massage with a Message

Social Media and a Massage Microsoft BIGG Success BIGG Studio

BIGG Success (through our sister company BIGG Studio) helped Microsoft with a cool project. They wanted to promote one of their internal learning platforms to their employees.

We created a series of podcasts their people could listen to while they got a massage. We thank Paolo Tosolini for getting us involved.

He posted a video demonstrating how the social media massage worked. Paolo is incredibly innovative so we were thrilled to be part of his BIGG idea.

Hear George & Mary-Lynn discuss this post on the BIGG Success Show podcast (and get a taste of what the social media massage sounded like)

>We’re also delighted to say the social media massage was recently featured by Andy Sernovitz, author of the great book Word of Mouth Marketing, on his blog that highlights “unusually useful ideas for smart marketers.”

This is a great way to get your message to a target market – internally or externally. Potential locations range from your lunch room to your trade show booth.

The biggest challenge for us was learning how to get the tone right. You obviously want to enhance the mood. It means keeping it relaxing without sounding cheesy while getting the message across.

It’s a great marketing tool – there’s the instantly recognizable benefit to the person getting the massage. And you get to deliver a message to them completely free of all clutter.

If you have an idea where audio would enhance your message, maybe we can help. Contact us at

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