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You Can Be a Success for the Price of a Goatee

what-will-you-do-to-be-a-bigg-successWhat are you willing to do to be a success? It’s a great question to think about.

We once had a person tell us, “I’ll do whatever it takes…except shave off my goatee.” Another said, “I’ll do anything as long as I can walk out the door at 5.”

BIGG success is life on your own terms. There’s a basic rule when you’re negotiating a deal – you get to set the price or the terms, but not both. So if you set the terms for your life, BIGG success will set the price.

The two people mentioned above have made their final offer. For the price of a goatee, one of them may be a BIGG success. For a little bit more time, the other one may see success beyond her wildest dreams.

The irony is:

The one thing you aren’t willing to do is likely to be what you must do.

Your qualifier will probably keep you from reaching your full potential.

So think carefully about your answer to the question:

What are you willing to do to be a BIGG success?

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