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The Kind of People Who Find Success

find a way to win | BIGG SuccessThere are two kinds of people in the world.

The first group finds the will to win.
The second will, when it’s not so too hard.

The first type finds a strategy.
The second drifts. Focus is too difficult.

The first group finds the resources. |
The second complains. They don’t have enough.

The first kind finds the time.
The second is too busy wasting it.

The first group finds a way to face their fears.
The second are too fearful about saving face.

The first type finds a launching point.
The second runs out of fuel before they get started.

The first kind finds a way to put their plan in motion.
The second gets paralyzed.

The first group finds solutions.
The second can only see problems.

The first set finds the lesson in every failure.
The second fails to try again.

The first kind finds people who lift them up.
The second hangs with people who hold them down.

The first group finds inspiration in the success of others.
The second just feels jealous.

The first type finds a way to lend a hand.
The second looks for a hand out.

The first kind finds a way to get the job done.
The second finds excuses.

The first group finds themselves.
The second define themselves through the opinion of others.

The first type finds BIGG success.
The second remains stuck where they’re at.

Which kind of person are you? You may not be all one or all the other.

But you can migrate to any of the characteristics you want to obtain. Don’t try to change everything at once.

Focus on one trait at a time. Keep working on it for four to six weeks. Once you have it done, move on to another.

Before you know it, you’ll be a BIGG success!

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