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How to Miss Your Opportunity to Be a Success

Dave stands in front of his staff, his hands in the front pockets of his pants. As he begins the meeting, his staff appear disengaged – sorting paperwork, reading the newspaper, etc.

Dave: Look, I really don’t want to be a hard ass but I think the key to an effective staff meeting lies in two simple words: paying attention.
Dave: Beth.
Beth: What?
Dave: What did I just say?
Beth: Oh, I’m sorry…something about pain and tension?

This conversation between Dave (Dave Foley) and Beth (Vicki Lewis) comes from Led Zeppelin II episode of the television show, NewsRadio.

While “paying attention” and “pain and tension” may sound alike, they certainly are not the same.

Yet paying attention creates pain and tension for some people.

Paying attention is asking too much.
Paying attention is hard.
And especially so today.

How many face-to-face conversations occur today without one or both people checking their phone?

How many meetings do you sit in where everyone is truly connected to the topic at hand.

Paying attention is hard.

A lot of people, think it’s asking too much.

But if you don’t want pain and tension, then pay attention.

The signal you send if you don’t pay attention

Pay attention to people. You can’t build a relationship if you don’t.

Worse yet, it’s disrespectful not to do so. It sends a signal.

You’re telling the other person they aren’t important enough to deserve your full attention. Something more significant than they are demands your attention.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. However, it’s not a license to treat other people with disrespect.

In the moment

When you split your distraction, you can’t be in the moment. You’re here. But you’re also somewhere else.

Just like no one can serve two masters, by definition you can’t give your full attention to more than one thing at once.

So enjoy the moment. Take it all in. You’ll feel less pain and tension.

The payoff of paying attention

And we haven’t even talked about the worst part of not paying attention. It will cost you plenty.

You will be less likely to reach BIGG success because of what you miss. Opportunities are all around you.

But you’re unlikely to see them if you’re distracted. They’ll pass right by without your notice.

You’re never too poor to pay attention. But you’ll never be rich unless you pay attention.

Paying attention requires focus. So does BIGG Success.

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