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Be Lazy to Be a Success

when the lazy factor comes into play for BIGG SuccessA friend of ours recently said something you may have heard before. If you want something done right, get a lazy person do it.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. The first part to reaching that dream is to make sure you’re working on the right things.

But the second part is making sure you’re doing things right. That’s where the lazy factor comes into play.

We often suggest that hard work is a key to reaching BIGG success. It’s a characteristic which the public admires.

But is hard work overrated?

Work is one of the five elements of BIGG success. But so is play.

Life on your own terms may mean more leisure for you. If that’s the case, you better learn all you can from lazy people!


We’ve all heard the old quote, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

But lazy people have a different version: Why do it today if you can put it off until tomorrow? And you know what, they’re at least partially right!

If it truly isn’t important, don’t do it. Focus on the few things that will move you forward to BIGG success.


Are there things on your things-to-do list that you roll forward day after day? Why?

Cross them off your list once and for all. If you’ve gone this long without doing them, do they really need to be done at all?


We know that prevention is the best cure when it comes to our health. The saying holds true if you want to take the lazy way to success.

When you find yourself in reactive mode, don’t settle for just resolving the issue at hand. Think about how you can prevent it from happening again.


What you do is part of the equation. But how you do it is important as well.

Lazy people can’t stand wasting precious resources. Invest time, effort, and energy upfront. Figure out how to do the tasks you need to do most efficiently.


We’ve written this post somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But lazy comes with a stigma which may cause you to miss an opportunity.

We value hard work. We believe that BIGG success comes with a price. However, underlying the points above is a larger point:

Periodically audit your to-do list.

Question everything. Question why you’re doing something. Question how you’re doing it. You may find that playing more leads to BIGG success!