Your bigg defining moment

Dream Busters Pushed this Entrepreneur to Her BIGG Defining Moment

Your bigg defining moment

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On our journey to BIGG Success, we have to make BIGG decisions. Sometimes an underlying push, or inspirational dissatisfaction, drives us in a particular direction. We call that your BIGG Defining Moment.

Jana Axline is a speaker, trainer, consultant, radio show host, author & entrepreneur. Jana created her company, Axline Solutions, because of her passion to help individuals reach their full potential.

What pushed her in that direction? Here’s Jana’s BIGG Defining Moment:

“I think it was finally realizing that I was tired of hearing people tell me that I can’t do it and thinking, well why not? I refer to dream killers a lot and I had a lot of those in my life. If I said I wanted to be a writer, someone would tell me my grammar wasn’t good enough. If I said I wanted to be a dancer, someone would say you have no rythmn. I kept hearing this my whole life and I would just accept it and tell myself if they say I’m not good enough, why bother trying.

About a year ago, Cigna Healthcare came out with a slogan: Go You. That resonated with me…be you, be an original, don’t be anybody else, go live your dreams, go do what you’re passionate about. And when I came across that messaging, I thought why not today?

So I started my blog. A couple months later I began writing my book. I started getting interviewed on radio shows, then started my own radio show…so all of these things have been buiding on each other, but it all started with: why not today, go you.”

Wow! We are so impressed with Jana’s ability to free herself from what others thought she could or could not do, so she can live life on her own terms.

From dream busters to uncertainty, what keeps you from going after your dreams? This is why we created our free special report: DECIDE! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next, to help you maneuver through the clutter in your mind, to help you feel more confident, and to help you move forward with no fear.

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  • How to know whether you should change your position, job or career

It’s time to create your BIGG Defining Moment…it leads to BIGG Success.

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