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What Makes You Unique

What Makes You Unique BIGG Success Image

We share why you need to know what makes you unique to stand out today. Plus, Mary-Lynn bleeps out George several times in this BIGG Success Show Podcast. Click play and/or read.

Why do you need to know what makes you unique?

We heard a great quote recently: The problem with following the herd is you end up wading through all the crap they left behind.

Most people want to be outstanding in their field. However, many are just out…standing in the field, walking through all the crap.

The herd mentality comes to us naturally. As we developed – going from puberty to adolescence, the desire to “fit in” kicks into overdrive.

We don’t want to be different. We don’t want to look different. We don’t want to stand out. We want to be part of the herd.

And that worked just fine for quite some time. It helped us find and develop our social network – not in the Facebook or LinkedIn sense – but in terms of human connection.

But then the world changed…

Globalization. The Great Recession. The social web. Any one of these forces on its own would have been disruptive. Combined, they have been like the perfect storm.

Now, we live in a crowded and cluttered world. Today, NOT standing out is the #1 cause of failure.

It’s time to ask some tough questions.
Stated crudely, if you’re just like everyone else:

  • Why should anyone hire you, be it an employer or a customer, instead of someone else? Nobody wants to be treated like a number. Yet so many people position themselves as just a number, one of many.In cases like this, couldn’t a prospective employer or customer just throw darts at a board to make their choice?
  • Why should they keep you on their payroll or keep doing business with you? Many people turn themselves into commodities. And you know what happens with commodities? Decision-makers gravitate to the cheapest source of supply.What’s the net result? Most people are just happy to keep their job, to keep their customers. Even though they aren’t making the money they deserve, they don’t see any alternatives other than to just keep grinding it out.

But there is an answer…

Today, building your brand is no longer an option, be it your personal brand or your business brand. Business owners need both.

It starts by discovering how unique you are:
You were put on this earth to do something BIGG. You remain here because your mission isn’t yet complete.

What Makes You Unique #1: Your Genetic Make-Up

No other person in the world has the exact same code as you. For every inherent disadvantage, you were given a greater and more significant advantage. You, and only you, have a unique talent to share.

What Makes You Unique #2: Your Set of Experiences

No other human being has seen everything you have seen, heard everything you have heard, touched everything you have touched, smelled everything you have smelled, or tasted everything you have tasted. Some of your experiences have made you unhappy. Others have brought joy. You, and only you, can draw upon these personal experiences.

What Makes You Unique #3: Your Point-of-View

No other person in the world thinks about things exactly like you. They can’t! You are called upon to test your perceptions against objective reality. You, and only you, form your opinions and these opinions can change the world if you choose.

You, and only you, can accomplish that one thing that you are here to accomplish. We’re all counting on you to do it!

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