7 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

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Money can buy happiness, contrary to what we’ve been told our whole lives.

We discussed money and happiness on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

This show was inspired by a CNBC article about Pitbull, written by Zack Guzman. Pitbull says the most important thing to know about money is that money isn’t the most important thing.

Yet it’s funny, in an ironic sort of way – we often see people raking money in when it becomes less important to them.

Then, when allocated properly, money can buy happiness. Here are seven ways…

1) Money can buy happiness if it covers basic needs

When money pays for the essentials – food, clothing, shelter, and access to transportation – happiness skyrockets. But once we’ve covered the basics, increases in income produces smaller increases in happiness.

2) Money can buy happiness if it buys you more time

When you outsource chores to spend time on an activity you love with people you love, happiness increases. Money used to buy time buys happiness.

3) Money can buy happiness if it puts another checkmark on your “bucket list”

Experiences create memories. Memories have long shelf lives; you can relive the moments for years. You can share stories with the people who have experienced it with you. While money may not always be required, funds can make life fun. Money spent on experiences yields happiness dividends.

4) Money can buy happiness if you give it to others in need

Good people get a buzz from helping people (and animals) who need a lift. Once again, research shows that giving money to others can buy happiness for you and them.

5) Money can buy happiness if it helps you find and fulfill your calling

It takes time to find what you’re here on this earth to do. And – once you find it, it may take money to fulfill it. (Although, money can often be stretched further these days.) But money buys happiness when it enables you to follow your purpose.

6) Money can buy happiness if it helps you reach your full potential

It may take more education or more experience to become the best you can possibly be. You may need to buy tools of some sort. It takes time to learn the tricks of any trade. Happiness flows from money invested in maximizing the potential within you.

7) Money can buy happiness if you stay true to your vision and values

The road to regret is paved by following the vision others have for you. And it’s a fool’s bargain to set aside your values for a quick score. Money can allow you to pursue the narrow path you desire.

We call those last three the G-Force. (Ever wonder what the second “G” in BIGG was for?) Together, they compose our definition of BIGG success. More importantly, together, they lead to inner peace.

BIGG Takeaway

Money can buy happiness if you master it, and don’t let it master you.
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