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Want to know how to get rich? We discuss six steps to “turn your desires into gold”, from the man considered to be the dean of wealth creation.

We discuss six steps to riches on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

We opened the vault on timeless classics and found a great one. Napoleon Hill’s great book, Think and Grow Rich* – THE original study on wealth creation – describes the six steps to turn your “desires into gold.”

First: Determine exactly how much money you want to accumulate.

Second: Determine exactly what you will do to get this money.

Third: Establish the date by which you will do this.

Fourth: Create a definite plan to accumulate this money.

Fifth: Write out a clear, concise goal statement.

Sixth: Keep your goal statement at the top of your mind.

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Here’s an example:

Let’s say you want to retire in 30 years with $1 million. You find that you can expect to earn 8% per year by investing in an index mutual fund.

Using your handy spreadsheet or a financial calculator like the one we used from

Step 1: Click “PMT”

Finance Calculator PMT

Step 2: Enter inputs

Finance Calculator Inputs

Step 3: See output

Finance Calculator Output

Do you have $667 each month to invest? Before you answer “No,” read The Richest Man in Babylon* – the original storybook on wealth.

Now, if the answer is still “No,” what can you do to get it?

Can you cut spending somewhere?

What can you do to pick up a few extra bucks?

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t. It sounds so simple, almost trite – but it’s true. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to reach BIGG success!

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Here’s to your BIGG success!
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