3 Types of Knowledge That Lead to Riches

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We discovered a nugget of wisdom that points to the 3 types of knowledge that leads to riches. It’s something we hadn’t noticed before and haven’t seen anyone else share…

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In his great book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill tells us the root word of the term “educate”. It comes from the Latin word “educo”, which means…

…to develop from within.  (Not looking at textbooks and other stuff from without.)

While we believe strongly in formal education, this reveals why “going to school” and “learning” aren’t the same.
You can go to school and never learn a thing about getting rich.

You don’t have to go to school to learn what you really need to know.

In fact, you won’t learn everything you need to know in school. And you won’t learn the most important things for reaching BIGG success.

Now let us reiterate – we strongly support higher learning. It’s just that you can’t delegate your own education.
You and you alone are responsible for it. Never stop learning.

So you don’t need four walls and a whiteboard. You do need an open mind and a willing spirit.

You need a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge that you can use.

Napoleon Hill said that general knowledge is of little importance to BIGG success.

It creates a foundation. But it’s not enough…

Let’s got to the Professor’s whiteboard for 3 types of knowledge that lead to riches.

9 Whiteboard 3 Types of Knowledge That Lead to Riches

To accumulate riches, knowledge must be directed, organized, and applied. Let’s break these down.

1) Directed knowledge

You must take what you know and learn and apply it to a destination. Where do you want to end up?

2) Organized knowledge

Once you have directed your knowledge, you must organize it into specific plans of action. What is your strategy for getting where you want to go?

3) Applied knowledge

Finally, once you know where you’re going and you know how you plan to get there, it’s time to go. And in going, in starting, you gain knowledge you can only gain by acting and applying what you learn.

Remember: General knowledge won’t get you far down the path to riches. All the knowledge in the world, all the direction, and all the organization does you no good unless it’s applied. It takes all three to reach BIGG success!

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