3 Keys to Create Your Best Self

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To create your best self, you’ll need to know the answer to three key components, which we’ll discuss these further today.

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We say all the time that entrepreneurs know something most people don’t. That is – in our fast-changing, chaotic world,, you can’t predict the future. You have to create your future.

And we found a great quote that emphasizes this point. It comes from author Neale Donald Walsch,

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore, not to find out who you are; seek to determine who you want to be.”

Who do you want to be?

That simple question encompasses three grand things at once. Let’s go to the Professor’s whiteboard…

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The 3 keys are vision, mission, and values.

So let’s break each one down…

1) Vision

Your vision is your view of the life you imagine living. It’s your final destination.

You want this long-term vision because a journey with no direction is like going on a trip to nowhere. You need to have have something to strive for, otherwise you may find yourself unmotivated and just going through the motions.

What it is you want to achieve? Where it is you want to go? We’re talking about transformation.

Your vision is multiple goals wrapped up into one vision. The vision is a BIGG goal, and you also want multiple smaller goals (personal, professional, and financial) that are leading you towards one vision.

For example if your goals are to get a degree, lose weight, and live in Florida…then your vision is to be an educated, healthy, Floridian!

2) Mission

Your mission answers the “why.” Why is it so important for you to reach your vision?

In striving to create your best self, your mission is very personal to YOU.

Why is it so important to YOU that you have that college degree? Why is it important to YOU to live a healthier lifestyle.

Your mission helps you determine why your vision matters – what difference will it make when you achieve it?

3) Values

Your values are what you stand for. They set the boundaries on the journey to your vision.

Common examples would be: honesty, love, success, kindness, achievement, wealth, and integrity.

Think of a football game, your values are like a rule book. Or think of driving “the rules of the road.”
But in the game of life, we get to write the rule book ourselves. These are the things that are most important to YOU in how you accomplish your vision.

BIGG Takeaway

Once you know the answer to these 3 keys, you’re ready to start creating your best self. Day by day, step by step, you’ll take the actions to get from the person you are right now to the person you want to be.

You’ll feel the transformation taking place. This growth will carry you to BIGG success!

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