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graph that shows BIGG Success has 1000 podcast episodes compared to 279 for the Big Bang Theory and 181 episodes of Seinfeld

1,000 Podcast Episodes of The BIGG Success Show

graph that shows BIGG Success has 1000 podcast episodes compared to 279 for the Big Bang Theory and 181 episodes of Seinfeld

Today we hit 1,000 podcast episodes!

To celebrate, we’re reflecting on 12 years of podcasting by sharing our most popular show, fun themes, stand-out interviews, and more! Click the player to listen.

Here are this episode’s show notes, complete with links to all of the past shows that are mentioned today.

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George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Our first podcast went live on November 12, 2007. Today, we celebrate 12 years of BIGG Success by answering some of the most common questions we get asked.

Today’s special podcast is a celebration of the 12 years of BIGG Success! In this 12th anniversary episode, we reveal some of the most common questions we get, give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work together, and share some things from the heart that you’ve never heard before.

Here’s a summary of our conversation on The BIGG Success Show

Why did we start BIGG Success?

We were in the same place many of our coaching clients are in.

[George] I sold my businesses and started thinking about the next phase of my life. My encore career, so to speak.

[Mary-Lynn] I was a radio show host. Technology had both changed my industry and created new opportunities. It was time to make a change.

Yes, change creates opportunities. But it also comes with uncertainty and even turmoil. That’s why so many people hate change. Entrepreneurially-minded people realize change is where the growth is. We capitalized on it.

How can a married couple work together in peace?

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Rule Breaker Awards 2016 Badge

Rule Breaker Awards 2016

Rule Breaker Awards 2016 Badge

The Rule Breaker Awards 2016 honor business owners who have forged their own path. They celebrate entrepreneurs for ignoring conventional wisdom, taking the path less traveled, and doing it the hard way.

I (Mary-Lynn) am honored and humbled to have been nominated for a national award…and I could really use your help! (Vote for me here:

Boy, does that describe me! I retired from a career in radio broadcasting in 2007 to create my own company and brand. Through BIGG Success, I have always had the goal of helping others achieve their dream of growing their business, or starting one.

The founders of this contest: Rieva Lesonsky, Barry Moltz, and Mike Michalowicz, are incredible Rule Breakers in their own right. They are all successful business owners and best-selling authors. BIGG thanks to Barry for nominating me.

The judges include: JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business. Ken Yancey, CEO of the SCORE Association. Anita Campbell CEO, founder and publisher of Small Business Trends.

Just being nominated for this award is huge for BIGG Success. To win in the category of “Professional Services,” would help us be able to help even more businesses.

Your votes count toward 25% of the total score for my entry. Would you be so kind as to take a few minutes to vote for me to win? I would be forever grateful. Please let me know that you did so I can personally thank you. Vote for me here:

I’m proud to be called a Rule Breaker. Recognition like this gives me even more inspiration to keep forging a path to help others grow!


Mary-Lynn signature


Mary-Lynn is a Rule Breaker Awards 2016 Winner! Read more about it and get our 5 Rules for Breaking the Rules.

BIGG Success is one year old

Thanks to You, Bigg Success is One Year Old!

BIGG Success is one year old

Hey it’s party time! We’re celebrating the first birthday of BIGG Success. We’re so excited to have come this far. We weren’t sure we would make it!

Seriously, though, we want to take this opportunity to say one simple thing …

Thank YOU!

We couldn’t do this without you. There would no reason to keep doing it if you didn’t visit us. So whether you check in every day or every now and then, we thank you so much.

It wouldn’t be any fun to do this if you weren’t here. We feel fortunate that more people are discovering Bigg Success. From site visitors to podcast and newsletter subscribers –  we’re seeing more people every month in every category. We thank you so much for sharing Bigg Success with your friends and business associates!

We also check page views and show downloads and we see that you’re consuming our content faithfully. We’re just thrilled that you take time out of your busy schedule – and we know how busy you are – to check in on us like you do.

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BIGG Success Logo boxed

What We Learned About Bigg Success In 2007

Today is New Year’s Eve. Last time, we suggested how you can put your 97 cocktail napkin ]to good use this evening. Now we want to share what we learned about Bigg Success this year.

Most popular posts
Here are your favorite posts for 2007:

#5 – 21 John Wooden’s Pyramid Of Success]. This is an article from our newsletter.

#4 – 35 The Confidence Game]. A show on building your self-confidence.

#3 – 37 Mingle Bells]. Our show about networking at parties.

#2 – Our first show about the 6 definition of success].

#1 – 13]. What it is; what to do about it.

Biggest surprise
We understand that, when you launch an internet business, you’ll get hits from all over the world. However, we were surprised at the proportion of our audience that is international. We love it! Here are the top five countries coming to Bigg Success:

#5 – India

#4 – United Kingdom

#3 – Canada

#2 – Australia

#1 – United States

Tell your friends about Bigg Success. We’d like to see your country be on our list, or moving up on the list, next year.

Our favorites
We shared our personal favorites from this year. Mary-Lynn loved our interview with Santa Claus. He shared some 75 tips for staying jolly]. And … he taught us how to belly laugh.

George’s favorite was the 12 John Bramblitt story]. This young man went blind a couple years ago and then discovered … painting! Imagine that – a blind painter! He’s an inspiration to all of us.

Some things we found funny
Mary-Lynn is a veteran broadcaster. George isn’t. When we were setting up The Bigg Success Studio, Mary-Lynn told George he needed a “p-filter.” George was worried about that until he learned that it was just a device to stop his p’s (as in the letter) from popping.

There were words we rejected at Bigg Success. As you’ve probably learned, we like all things to be “Bigg” – with two g’s of course. We use the “bigg” reference whenever we can. Probably even to excess! But here are some times that we rejected “bigg”:

  • We decided not to call our favorite movies “bigg picks.”
  • We decided not to use the phrase “bigg tips.” We were worried we wouldn’t enunciate clearly enough!
  • Finally, we decided not to call the subscribers to our newsletter “bigg members!” The word “members” alone worked just fine!

Along those lines, when we signed up for iTunes, we noticed that a lot of shows like ours abbreviate their show name. We thought we might find it hard to draw a crowd to a success show called …

The B.S. Show!

Finally, we chose our favorite blooper of the year. George won! He’s just thrilled. We can’t do it justice in print; listen to our show and hear it yourself! It’s worth it!

Click on the play button above (just click the arrow), or, if you are viewing this in a reader, just click the mp3 button. You’ll enjoy seven minutes of entertaining conversation, and as a bonus at the very beginning, hear about something “bigg” that George DOESN’T want to hear from Mary-Lynn!

On a more serious note, our bigg quote today is by journalist and author Edward Payson Powell.

“The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead.
The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time.
All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!”

Don’t let your New Year’s resolutions go in one year and out the other. Make this year your year – for all the bigg success you know you can achieve!

Next time, for New Year’s Day, we’ll ask, “How will you define success this year?” We have a Bigg Tool (that one made the cut … barely) that will help you with your goals! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!