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Game Date

games We’re sitting here on a cold winter’s night. It’s too cold to go out, but who needs to anyway?

The stereo’s cranking tunes in the background. The fireplace is going. We made hot chocolate. And we’re playing Battleship!



It’s what people used to do in the “days of yore” (we couldn’t resist the cheesy reference) – invest a few bucks in a board game, spend time together as a family, and have some fun.

We don’t often think about it, but games aren’t just child’s play. They’re a great way to relax and refine crucial skills at the same time.


marylynnLike Battleship. Obviously it’s a strategy game, but I find that it also helps me with concentration and memorization.



georgeOr you can create a system. Like I use the pegs to record what I’ve said that was a direct hit. Just like the real world, learning to create systems helps make life easier.


You can build up your vocabulary by playing Scrabble. We would say more about this but we’re at a loss for words!

How about Operation? It will help you focus on your manual dexterity. Trivial Pursuit is a great way to build up your knowledge, but you will also find some great conversation starters, or conversational continuers. Just don’t turn into another Cliff Claven … constantly spouting off things nobody cares about!

Yes, we’re spending an evening together – enjoying the competition and the relaxation – but we’re not spending any money! So make a game date – it’s an economical way to refine your skills while relaxing and having fun with your family and friends!


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We’re so thankful you chose to spend some time with us today. Join us next time when we talk about a controversial issue – should you and your spouse have separate accounts? Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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6 Great Ways to Keep a Conversation Going

conversationWhen you meet someone for the first time, the hardest part is usually just getting the conversation started. But sometimes it’s also hard to keep it going.

We did some research and found a lot of articles on the internet about starting a conversation, but few about keeping it going. We also found that many suggestions for conversation starters would probably be better conversation “continuers”.

So we thought we’d focus on that part of the conversation today. 

With some people, it’s tough to keep the conversation going. They may be extremely shy or you might just not “click” with them. In those cases, you may just have to resign yourself that it’s not going to happen and move on.

6 ways to keep the conversation going

One simple way to keep a conversation going is to ask questions. Don’t get too personal. Keep it light-hearted. Also, don’t fire them off so rapidly that the other person starts to feel like they’re being interrogated. We use this one a lot, particularly early in a conversation. But here are six of our favorites ways to keep it going:

#1 – “What’s the best book you’ve read recently?”
Variations could be best movie, TV show, or music they’ve heard.

#2 – Offer up some interesting trivia.
Just don’t go Cliff Claven on them! If you’ve heard something that intrigued you, and it’s germane to the conversation, share it!

For example, we heard not long ago that 80% of all men said they would marry the same woman all over again. However, only 50% of all women said they would marry the same man. Can you see an interesting conversation coming out of that tidbit?

#3 – “If you could trade places with one celebrity, who would it be?”

Variations could be favorite actor, or you could limit it to favorite living actor, etc.

#4 – “If you could do college all over again, what would you get your degree in?”

This question also has many interesting variations. For example, you could ask them what’s the one class they would like to take now.

#5 – “What are you working on that’s fun?”

We heard this one from our friend Chris Brogan. It makes “What do you do?” seem boring, doesn’t it. We loved this question the first time we heard it.

#6 – Create a game.

We like to come up with a word of the night or phrase of the day. It’s an interesting word that naturally came up in the conversation. Ideally, it’s a word or phrase with a double meaning of some sort. Then see how many times it can be worked into the discussion.

What’s your favorite way to keep a conversation going?



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