Become a Celebrity CEO and Watch Your Business Grow blog post image

Become a Celebrity CEO and Watch Your Business Grow

Become a Celebrity CEO and Watch Your Business Grow blog post image

As a small business owner, you can become a celebrity CEO to gain an advantage over your competition. As your personal brand grows, so will your business. Made possible by

We’re BIGG fans of small business, so we’re happy to be celebrating #SmallBusinessWeek. To kick it off, we talk with Ramon Ray on The BIGG Success Show today.

He writes for Entrepreneur, Inc., Small Business Trends, Business Insider, and more. He joins us today to talk about his latest book, Celebrity CEO: How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building a Community and a Strong Personal Brand*. Here’s a summary of our conversation.

What is a celebrity CEO?

Ramon says that small business owners have the ability to go very narrow and serve a niche market. Few of us are going to be Oprah Winfrey or LeBron James.

But we can all have a narrow lane where we are well known. That’s a celebrity CEO. It’s Ramon’s story. He’s not known to the whole world, but he’s well known in his little market, in his little world, in his small lane

Want to hear what Ramon’s wife said when she learned that the title of his new book was Celebrity CEO? Listen to the show. Simply click on the PLAY button above.

Why does branding even matter?

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employee vs entrepreneur feature image

Employee vs Entrepreneur – Which is Riskier?

Conventional wisdom holds that entrepreneurs take more risk than employees. It may have been the case in past, but is it still true today?

We’re thinking about the things they don’t teach you in school. For example, most people assume that it’s less risky to be an employee, rather than an entrepreneur. Are they wrong?

Entrepreneurs are masters at minimizing risk. But do they take less risk than an employee?

You may say, “Of course not.” But let’s not be hasty…

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3 Rs Entrepreneurship Classroom Imaage

The 3 R’s of Entrepreneurship

3 Rs Entrepreneurship Classroom Imaage

Entrepreneurship requires a different way of thinking than what we learned in school. Whether you’re a business owner or not, you can profit from the 3 R’s of entrepreneurship.

It’s back-to-school time so we’re thinking about learning. You know the 3 R’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Today, we want to talk about the 3 R’s of entrepreneurship.

And they’re not just for business owners. They’re for anyone who wants to take control to reach financial freedom faster.
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the Titanic

Donald Trump & Titanic
Donald Trump and the Titanic: What do they have in common? Click PLAY to hear George & Mary-Lynn share the surprising answer on The BIGG Success Show podcast.

Donald Trump gets our vote for the best personal brander ever. Of course, the Titanic is the most noted shipwreck of all time.

What do they have in common? Our answer may surprise you.

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The negative trait entrepreneurs need

This Negative Trait Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

The negative trait entrepreneurs need

Listen to this post! Click Play to hear George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast (Duration 4:30)

*A little note before we start – we did this post as a reminder to ourselves. We’re going through a period where we need it. We hope it helps you too…

What’s the secret to BIGG success as an entrepreneur? The answer may surprise you.

It’s an essential trait that helps entrepreneurs succeed – stubbornness!

As humans, we don’t like stubbornness. It reminds us of a quote by the late great John Wooden:

“Stubbornness we deprecate, firmness we condone.
The former is our neighbor’s trait, the latter is our own”.

The phrase “stubborn as a mule” comes to mind for me. And we all know what another name for a mule is!

Yet stubbornness is one of the key characteristics which helps entrepreneurs succeed. Here are three reasons it’s so important:

Everybody has an opinion
When you start a business, everyone has an opinion about who it should serve and how it should serve them.

Of course, you should listen attentively. You never know – you may get a good idea.

But most of the time, people will suggest a different direction – way away from what you’re thinking about.

Usually what they suggest won’t work:

  • The market may not be right for you
  • There may not be a market at all
  • It may not fit you
  • It may not play to your strengths

They don’t know what you know. So you need to be stubborn about doing what’s right for you.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. You’re in charge. So you make the call!

Fate will conspire against you
We want to be clear here – we believe that there’s no question about it…

You have a destiny to fulfill.

Fate wants you to succeed. But first…
It needs to know if YOU want to succeed!


  • Fate will put obstacles in your way
  • Fate will throw challenges at you
  • Fate will do all kinds of thing to try to get you to quit, to give up

It’s all a test – will you remain stubborn in the pursuit of BIGG success?

If so, Fate will become your partner in BIGG success!

Stubbornness is your only hope
(And we’re speaking from experience here!)

There will be times along the way when you feel like quitting. You’ll be down. You’ll be out. You’ll feel horribly discouraged. You may have a sense of despair.

It’s at those times that you have to reach down and grab hold of the one thing you can count on – your stubbornness.

  • Stubbornness will keep you from giving up
  • Stubbornness will lead you out of the abyss
  • Stubbornness will help you find a way
  • Stubbornness will pull you up so you try one more time
  • Stubbornness is your only hope
  • Stubbornness leads to BIGG success!

Do you think stubbornness is a positive trait of successful entrepreneurs?

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