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Close Encounters of the Rude Kind

rude Does anything bring out rude behavior more than the holiday shopping season? People cutting you off in traffic, stealing your parking spot, talking on their cell phone while being checked out, leaving their garbage in stores, and even being physically aggressive on Black Friday!



Oprah recently did a show on rude behavior where she highlighted these statistics:

  • Eighty percent of Americans think rudeness is a serious national problem.
  • Yet ninety-nine percent say that they themselves are not rude.

So we can only conclude from these results that all of the rudeness must stem from one percent of all the people! Evidently, most of us think that almost everyone else is rude, but we’re not.

Test yourself

To see how you stack up, she provides a quiz. Here are a few of the questions:

Are you chronically late? 


georgeI would have to say n…yes. I want to say “no”, but there may be some people who would disagree with me! Too often I think I can squeeze in one more call or answer one more e-mail before heading off to that next appointment.



marylynnOprah answered the same way. I know I need to work on this … I tend to be five minutes late to meetings.


Have you ever interrupted a face-to-face conversation to take a non-urgent cell phone call?


I can’t ever recall a time when I’ve done this. Hey, that means I got one right!



I’m good at ignoring the phone when I’m talking to someone face-to-face.


Have you gone through a supermarket 10-item express lane with more than 10 items?


georgeWell, that depends on how you define the word “item”. If I have multiples of a single item that does only count as one, doesn’t it?



I’m guilty by association because I go to the store with you, George.



Oh thanks, Mary-Lynn, for blaming it all on me! That’s rude!


These questions made us think – things that we don’t necessarily think are rude may be perceived as rude by others.


georgeI get annoyed with oblivious shoppers. When it’s December 24th and I’m starting to shop for Christmas, it’s just rude for people to wander around like they don’t have anything to do. They get in the way of us serious shoppers!



marylynnFor me, it’s rude drivers – they don’t use their turn signal. They don’t get over when I’m trying to merge even though there’s plenty of room. Drivers who don’t pay attention are inconsiderate!


What rude behavior is a pet peeve for you?

3 rules of civil behavior

During her show, Oprah talked with Dr. P.M. Forni, author of Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct.

He says our society is structured to encourage rudeness. We’re stressed, fatigued, and in environments with a lot of people we don’t know. For example, we may be one of hundreds of people in a store or traffic jam. His book points out three rules to behave more civilly:

Pay Attention
Without attention, no meaningful interaction is possible. When we relate to the world as if we were on automatic pilot, we can hardly be at our best in our encounters with our fellow human beings.

Acknowledge Others

Acknowledge others' existence, their importance to you, their feelings, and the things they do for you. A simple "Good morning" as you walk past a co-worker in the hallway is a perfect example.

Think The Best
When we approach others assuming that they are good, honest, and sensitive, we often encourage them to be just that. Yet from the results of this study, it appears that we assume the worst in others while thinking the best of ourselves. Sometimes it is dissatisfaction with ourselves that makes us judge others unfairly.

Finally, Dr. Forni also says being polite is a healthier way to live. Going through life behaving rudely can make you physically sick. 


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We really appreciate that you took the time to read our post today. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. We’re going to put a different spin on it and talk about thanksgetting. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Decision-Making Test

By Bigg Success Staff

Test Yourself


How well do you understand decision making? The people at CNN Money have developed a great little quiz to help you know.

Spend 5 minutes or so finding out. You’ll see the correct answer after you answer each of the 10 questions. Then you can see your final score at the end.

Click here to take the quiz now!

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We Need Your Help!

Thank you so very, very much for taking time out of your day to look in, or listen in, on us. We can’t fully find the words to express how grateful we are that you give us a little bit of your most precious resource – your time. We promise that we will always try to give you something worthwhile in the five minutes or so you spend with us each day.

Why we started Bigg Success
We started Bigg Success to build a community of like-minded people. People who want to succeed bigg. Bigg goal-getters we call you. Fun-loving, positive thinking people who are usually happy, but never content. Looking to live your life your way and get to the next level of success.

We’re building a community that helps each other. We’re happy to volunteer our time to moderate – to be thought-starters – but we need your help. You see …

We don’t know you as well as we want to. And we don’t hear from you as much as we’d like to.

Now people in our business tell us that this is normal. But the Bigg Success community isn’t a group of normal people. It’s full of extraordinary people. Over-achievers. People who know they were born to do something bigg and are determined to do it.

People like you.

The most important thing we know.
We know a little about a lot of things and a lot about a few things. But here’s the most important thing we know …

All of us know more than any of us.

We also know that you’re a quiet group. We know you’re busy. That’s why we keep our content as short as possible while still delivering something to take away every day.

But here’s the thing …

We can’t make bigg success better without you. Without your participation.
We’re happy to bring you our content for free – we’re not asking for money. We’re asking you to give something more valuable – just a little bit more of your time.

Because bigg success can’t be a bigger success without you. Without your input. Without your wisdom. Because as the Chinese proverb says …

“A single conversation … with a wise person is worth a month's study of books”.

And you’re that wise person we want to have a conversation with!

So here’s how you can help …

Tell us how we can help you. Tell us what you want and need from us. Tell us the answers to these questions:

  • What do you like about Bigg Success?
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… and in the future.
And then, keep sharing your comments on future posts …

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Everyone wins.
Let’s all learn from each other so we all reach our potential. There’s no scarcity of bigg success at Bigg Success. Everyone can benefit. Everyone can win.

And yes …

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Here’s what’s in it for you …
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We thank you so much for reading, or listening, to this post. We look forward to getting to know you better. Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!



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Ease Office Aches and Discomforts in 5 Minutes

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Is your neck starting to feel tight? Get away for five minutes.

Are your eyes feeling strained? Walk away for five minutes.

Do you feel some discomfort in your wrists? Move on to something else for five minutes.

You get the idea. When you feel discomfort, strain, aches or pains, change your activities for five minutes!

But that’s not good enough!

Set an alarm
Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

Set an alarm for every hour on the hour. When the alarm goes off, change your routine for five minutes!

It doesn’t mean you have to quit working. Have a quick conversation with a co-worker about that project on which you’re both working. Organize your Inbox. File away papers. Make a phone call. Just do something different from what you’ve been doing.

But actually taking a little break from work may be just the ticket! Try to do that at least every other hour. Take a short walk. Stretch. Focus on something far away to give your eyes a break. Talk to somebody. Do something you enjoy.

Wrong perception
There’s a perception that, because office work doesn’t require physical labor, office workers don’t need a break. This perception exists even among many office workers! But the repetitive tasks you perform at your desk may be just as taxing on your body as physical labor.

Besides that, getting away from it all for a few minutes every couple hours will make you more productive when you come back. A little refresher keeps things in perspective. Research shows that just 65 changing your scenery for a short time makes a difference in productivity].

So change up your routine for five minutes every hour – you’ll find that you feel better and be more productive!

Speaking of which, it’s time for a break!

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Would You Like An Extra Hour Every Day? 

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Make Your Daily Commute Productive

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


There’s something we really want to know. Why is it called “rush hour” when much of the time we “crawl”? 

Yes, the daily commute can be quite frustrating unless you look at it in a different way.

See it as your “do not disturb” time.

When you do that, your daily drive to and from work becomes your refuge!

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that you shouldn’t drive and talk on your cell phone anyway! So why not escape into your own world? It’s uninterrupted time!

Before long, you might find yourself leaving a little early and driving behind the slow-poke! Because you want to spend more time in your safe harbor. Free from all the things that pull you in so many directions at once.

This is YOU time!

So what will you do with all this time? Here are seven suggestions:

#1 – Listen to audio podcasts.

There are so many great online shows now. Of course, we highly recommend The Bigg Success Show for a daily lesson and a laugh in five-minutes or so! (Subscribe in iTunes)

Probably the easiest way to find the plethora of options available is to go to iTunes. Pick an area you’re interested in and subscribe to the show!

#2 – Listen to audio books.
Drive time is an excellent time to “read” a book. All you have to do is listen! Of course, you can get a book that will improve your career skills. But why not expand yourself? Listen to the greatest works of all time!

The easiest way to do this is to have a book in mind. Just search Amazon for that audio book. Or you can do a general search for “audio books” and see what catches your fancy!

#3 – Take a course on CD.

Why just read a book? You can use this time to take an entire course! You’ll come away from every commute a little closer to being an expert on your chosen subject.

Do you plan to travel abroad sometime soon? Learn the language before you go!

#4 – Play some great music.
Music is good for the mind, heart, and soul. Expand yourself by listening to some of the great classics in all genres. Spend a few minutes on the weekend learning about the works you’ll listen to in the coming week.

What kind of music do you like? Learn what influenced your favorite kind of music and trace it back to its roots. Or think about what types of music have been influenced by what you love and trace it forward.

#5 – Listen to the radio.
Whether it’s terrestrial or satellite radio, you have so many options available. Mix it up. Don’t get stuck listening to the same station day after day. Choose a different one every day of the week! Get different points-of-view, listen to a variety of music, and expand your horizons!

#6 – Massage yourself.
If you get stuck in traffic, spend that time giving yourself a comforting massage. We won’t lie to you – it feels better when it’s done for you. But you can hit your pressure points so you feel more relaxed.

#7 – Exercise / stretch
Once again, if you get stuck in traffic, use that time to get in a little exercise, stretching, and deep breathing. Obviously, this won’t replace a trip to the gym, but it’s a bonus.

You can do some isometric exercises and certain stretches. While you’re doing it, breathe in and out deeply. Even if you just flex your muscles, you’ll feel better than if you just sit there waiting to go again!

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