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Thank you so very, very much for taking time out of your day to look in, or listen in, on us. We can’t fully find the words to express how grateful we are that you give us a little bit of your most precious resource – your time. We promise that we will always try to give you something worthwhile in the five minutes or so you spend with us each day.

Why we started Bigg Success
We started Bigg Success to build a community of like-minded people. People who want to succeed bigg. Bigg goal-getters we call you. Fun-loving, positive thinking people who are usually happy, but never content. Looking to live your life your way and get to the next level of success.

We’re building a community that helps each other. We’re happy to volunteer our time to moderate – to be thought-starters – but we need your help. You see …

We don’t know you as well as we want to. And we don’t hear from you as much as we’d like to.

Now people in our business tell us that this is normal. But the Bigg Success community isn’t a group of normal people. It’s full of extraordinary people. Over-achievers. People who know they were born to do something bigg and are determined to do it.

People like you.

The most important thing we know.
We know a little about a lot of things and a lot about a few things. But here’s the most important thing we know …

All of us know more than any of us.

We also know that you’re a quiet group. We know you’re busy. That’s why we keep our content as short as possible while still delivering something to take away every day.

But here’s the thing …

We can’t make bigg success better without you. Without your participation.
We’re happy to bring you our content for free – we’re not asking for money. We’re asking you to give something more valuable – just a little bit more of your time.

Because bigg success can’t be a bigger success without you. Without your input. Without your wisdom. Because as the Chinese proverb says …

“A single conversation … with a wise person is worth a month's study of books”.

And you’re that wise person we want to have a conversation with!

So here’s how you can help …

Tell us how we can help you. Tell us what you want and need from us. Tell us the answers to these questions:

  • What do you like about Bigg Success?
  • What do you think we could improve upon?
  • What would you like to learn more about?
  • What would you like to see us do differently?
  • How can we help you get to the next level of success?

Here’s how to do it now …
Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. We know a lot of you have never left a comment anywhere before, but it’s as easy as typing up an e-mail once you’ve done it.

The easiest way to find our comment box is to click on the title of the article at the top of the page and then scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see “Leave a Reply”.

You’ll notice that a name and e-mail are required. You can just use your first name or even a fake name. You can use your real e-mail address or even a fake one.  Either way, your e-mail address is NOT made public. Nor do we use it in any way or share it with anybody. This requirement just protects us from those dreaded spammers.

… and in the future.
And then, keep sharing your comments on future posts …

  • Tell us you agree or disagree … we like to hear both. Just tell us why.
  • Tell us what we missed … you’ve had experiences we haven’t had. We want to learn from you too and so does the rest of the Bigg Success community.
  • If you don’t know something, or we didn’t make it clear … ask a question.
  • If you have an answer to someone else’s question … share it with all of us.

Everyone wins.
Let’s all learn from each other so we all reach our potential. There’s no scarcity of bigg success at Bigg Success. Everyone can benefit. Everyone can win.

And yes …

RSS subscribers, iTunes subscribers, and Zune subscribers …

… we work hard to deliver our content where you want it, but we’re talking to you, too! We want to hear from all of you!

Here’s what’s in it for you …
By getting involved in the conversation, we can choose future topics and design future posts that help you with what you need help with. Content that fits your wants and needs so you get to the next level of success in your life.

We thank you so much for reading, or listening, to this post. We look forward to getting to know you better. Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!

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16 replies
  1. Leah
    Leah says:

    You guys helped me out not too long ago. I need to establish credit and you gave some suggestions. I would love it if you did more topics for recent college grads.

  2. Dana
    Dana says:

    First and foremost, I enjoy being able to listen to a short but impactful show that gives me something to think about when I stop in each weekday. (I can write e-mails and do other multi-tasking while I listen.) I like real world examples. I like practical applications.

    Here’s a metaphor…BiggSuccess is sort of like a snack, not a full-meal. However, I can get a full meal at a linked location if I’m really hungry for a specific topic. One of the things I like is that you do cover a range of topics. Maybe I don’t know I’m hungry for that topic until I learn a bit about it in the first place.

    In the future If you want to segment your site, you could add more small series that appeal to niches…

    “BiggImpact” how to make a splash by marketing yourself and/or your business

    “BiggNetwork” a way to post specific questions to the entire listenership and let them answer

    Personally, I like the diversity and broad strokes you use and would hate to see you narrow your focus too much or too soon.

    Keep up the good work as you evolve!

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    I agree with Dana, I prefer practical applications and I think you guys do a good job of providing that. Keep it coming!

  4. Laura
    Laura says:

    I have an idea for a business, but I don’t even know where to begin. I would like help getting started and wading through all of the decisions that I would have to make.

  5. George and Mary-Lynn
    George and Mary-Lynn says:

    Laura, first off…how exciting! It’s such a wonderful thing to see an idea come to life.

    Here’s a link to a post we did that will help you with some of your initial decision making:

    Also, this article links you to some fantastic resources:


    We wish you luck and keep checking in on Bigg Success. We want to help you succeed bigg in your endeavor!

  6. Beth
    Beth says:

    I really love what you do here at Bigg Success and I wouldn’t change a thing! You know what they say, no need to fix what ain’t broken.

  7. Phil
    Phil says:

    George & MaryLynn,

    You’re right about time. I usually breeze through your site. Enjoy reading it every day. I’ll try to leave a comment now and then.


  8. Pat
    Pat says:

    You asked for comments and input so here goes:

    I love almost all of the sessions and share them with my business associations (where topic is appropriate). The ones that personally benefit me the most are the business-owner type ones and I also like the motivational ones (simply because there are days I need it in order to “give it out” and I don’t get it from those around me so I need to reach out for it.) Thanks for those topics. Since you are appealing to more than business owners, I always listen to the ones geared toward staff as I might pick up things to use for my own group. The topics are broad-based and need to be. With the general economic climate perhaps some money saving/money management topics might be appropriate.

    I also like the humor between the two of you as it makes the topic more interesting.

    You guys are leading edge and onto something BIGG!

  9. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Great website for young aspiring entrepreneurs as well as experienced business people. I feel like I am a better person just for being a part of this website.
    I work from home and am at my computer all day, yet sometimes forget to come here until I get the weekly newsletter, so I think you should push the RSS Email feature more. Most people do not know what RSS is, so calling it a ‘daily update newsletter subscription’ instead of RSS email would probably increase subscribers.
    Also, consider giving users the ability to create a bigg success profile to increase user interaction. Then if somebody leaves a comment that I like, I can instantly learn more about the person, and people can gain reputations for leaving quality comments.


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