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life spark | BIGG SuccessIn Man’s Search for Meaning, a book we highly recommend to you, Victor Frankl tells his inspiring story as a prisoner in the concentration camps of World War II.

He seemingly lost everything – his family, his friends, his clothes, his dignity.

However, there was one thing nobody could take away from him:

His thoughts.

Sometimes, he chose to escape his circumstances and envision himself far, far away.

He chose to learn from his experiences – from the guards and fellow prisoners.

He was free from the day-to-day brutality of the concentration camp because of his thoughts.

His thoughts freed him from captivity!

Your alternative universe

You live in two worlds simultaneously. Now and the future.

You physically live in the here and now. Your mind is living in the future.

With your mind, you are creating your future reality.

Your thoughts are keeping you stuck right where you’re at. Or they’re lifting you up to BIGG success.

They’re keeping you captive. Or they’re setting you free.

The key to escaping to the future you want

The first step to escaping your current reality is to see yourself living the life you desire in your mind’s eye.

So when you feel out of control, think about the control you still have.

If nothing else, like Victor Frankl, you can control your thoughts.

When you have no strength, think you’re strong.

When you feel beaten down, picture yourself as the victor.

When that little voice tells you that you’re not smart enough, not attractive enough, not experienced enough, think about what a miracle you are.

When you feel like you’ll never escape, picture yourself as a BIGG success!

How do you get your mind working for you?

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