2 steps to guide you to BIGG Success

2 Steps to Success

2 steps to guide you to BIGG Success

He was considered one of the leading statistics professors in the entire world. Respected by his fellow scholars, his work was always on the leading edge.

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He advised governments and large corporations. His students became disciples.

He preached the importance of statistical significance. If it wasn’t statistically significant, it didn’t matter. It was an outlier. Don’t worry about it.

The professor had a great life. He was living the American Dream – born to a poor family, he excelled in the classroom and was rewarded with scholarships to the top schools in the world.

He had it all – a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids (a boy and a girl), a dog and a cat, an incredible home, vacations, you name it – life couldn’t get any better.

Then one day, as he left his office and walked to his car, he was struck by a meteor. His colleagues rushed to his aid. They called 9-1-1. The ambulance was there in minutes and rushed him to the hospital.

He was declared dead on arrival. “Accident” – that’s what the death certificate said. It was a bitter irony – the highly unlikely event which killed this statistics professor was incredibly statistically insignificant!

Obviously, this fictional story was inspired by the recent meteor that exploded over Russia.

From this story about the professor, we just want to highlight a significant principle of BIGG success – YOUR results are all that matter.

Statistics may tell you the odds are against you.

It doesn’t matter if you defy the statistics.

For example, statistics say most businesses fail. Yet that didn’t stop [insert the name of your favorite entrepreneur] from giving it a whirl.

Don’t pay attention to naysayers. If it works for you, it works.

Work to make a decision and then make your decision work. That’s the two steps to BIGG success!

It may have never worked for anyone before.

It doesn’t matter if it works for you this one time, when you need it to.

We can’t think of a better example of this than Fred DeLuca, the founder of Subway.

He had just graduated from high school. He needed a way to pay for college and he knew a minimum wage job wasn’t going to cut it.

So he got a BIGG idea – he would open a restaurant!

He got a family friend to provide the financing and he opened his first shop. But his enthusiasm soon turned anxiety – he was losing money.

So he started a second store. Now he had two restaurants losing money.

Did he give up? No!

He had made his decision. Now he was going to make his decision work.

He opened a third restaurant. In just a short time, all three stores were making money.

The reason? They were close enough together, so he could advertise for all of them together. It lowered his advertising cost per store enough to put him in the black.

We would never even consider doing what he did.

We would never suggest it to a coaching client.

We don’t know of any professional advisor who would.

But it worked for Fred Deluca.

Now it may not work for us. It may not work for you. It may not work for him if he tried it again.

But it doesn’t matter – it worked when he needed it to. That’s all you need.

So make a decision and then make your decision work. It leads to BIGG success!

We’re going to make a BIGG announcement this coming Tuesday. So check in with us so you’re one the first people to hear all about it!

Thanks so much for spending some time with us today. Until next time, here’s to your BIGG success!

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Steer Your Way to Bigg Success

steeringHere are two key principles to never forget:

1. You are the entrepreneur of your life; you and only you are in charge of it.

2. If it works for you, it works.



With these two principles in mind, you can steer your way through good times and bad to get to your destination.

There are natural laws which we can't break without unfavorable consequences. But we also place a lot of "rules" on ourselves. These rules come from many influencers – family, friends, co-workers, Hollywood, advertisers, society at large, and tradition to name a few.

Sometimes we need to follow these rules. Sometimes it pays to break them. Here’s an example:

Fred DeLuca had just graduated from high school. He wanted to go to college and then medical school, but he had a problem. The only jobs that he could get only paid minimum wage. He couldn't make enough to pay for his education.  

So he approached a family friend and asked him for the money to start a restaurant. He got the money and opened the restaurant. It lost money – Fred would have been better off working for minimum wage!

But the young man was not dismayed. He did something that we wouldn't do; maybe you wouldn't either.

He opened a second store nearby!

There was just one problem – it lost money too.

What Fred did next was downright crazy – he opened a third restaurant!

Before long, all three locations were profitable because he could advertise all three with the same budget as just one.

This is the story of how Fred DeLuca started Subway. His tactic – opening more stores in spite of losses – may not work for anyone else. It doesn't matter to Fred; it worked for him.

With the two key principles in mind, here are the action steps to duplicate the success of bigg winners like Fred DeLuca. We’ve put them into an acronym to make them easier to remember: I STEER.

Investigation: Match your talent with a specific market opportunity.

Strategy: Formulate a plan to get started.

Tactics: Break your strategy down into specific actions to be done by a specific time.

Execution: Act upon your tactics.

Evaluation: Review your progress and make any and all necessary adjustments.

Reprise: Repeat these steps in harmony with the knowledge you've gained.


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Thank you so much for sharing some of your time with us today. Please join us next time when we’ll tell you how to feel better right away. Until then, here’s to your bigg success.


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